Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Well, there's a cat on my back, for starters.

What is WRONG with these beasts? They are both shoulder sitters. If I even slightly bend over, Splotchy jumps up on my back, and most of the time starts attacking me, gently biting my shoulder or my back and being all fierce. I'm not sure what this is all about. He doesn't even play with his claws out, and neither of them will put their teeth on us, but brush your teeth and this naughty tortie is on you like a mountain lion, biting holes in your shirt. Sometimes he just flops down and gets comfy, like yesterday. I had to take a pic. Maddie just hops up and kind of nurses on my hair. Please let me know if you know of a breed of parrot cats in the wild that my kitties are descended from.

And I have a year's worth of pictures of Maddie in the trashcan. It's her spiritual home.
Rescue cats keep it interesting, that's for sure.

Last night I did yard work. For hours. It was 5000 degrees outside, and I weeded and raked leaves and did battle with dewberry vines. I hate you, dewberry vines. I will be victorious. (She says as she nurses her thorn ravaged paws)

Anyway, I rake my leaves and trimmings and put them in bags. I don't use a leaf blower. They are annoying and stinky and loud and I wish no one could use them. And while I was raking and making that soothing little rakey sound, and then the swishy little leafy sounds, I thought that a lot of leaf blowery people miss out on the best part of working in the yard. Hearing the lizards running around under the bushes, dogs barking, birds tweeting, neighbor kids giggling.

That is my favorite part.

That and coming back inside to a 70 degree studio and making this leaf card for you with a cat on my neck.
Stamps: Autumn Splendor (Stampin' Up!), Paper: Ruby Red, Night & Day, Book Pages Accessories: Sizzix Sunset Alphabet Dies (Thanks Kim!)

I hope you have a great weekend planned!



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  1. Your card is adorable. The colors are great, and the design beautiful.

    My cat does that too! The big beast jumps from the ground on my shoulders and curls around my neck when I'm cooking and peers down into the pots!

    Love the garden observations, even though I don't envy you the heat.

    And girl, those fingernails are just to die for!

  2. I hate those leaf blowers, too! WAAAAYYY too noisy!

    You're right about the outside sounds - love hearing the neighborhood kids giggling. Last night, while *I* was out trimming that durned camellia bush that insists on growing over the front walk, I even got to hear the joyful noise of a kid telling someone "We found a puppy!"

    I'll just bet the adult was THRILLED! LOL


  3. dogs the size of mine can't jump on my back, so i'm safe brushing my teeth each day--what a relief! of course, they're placing their snouts on my laptop keyboard and looking at me longingly, trying to get me to take them outside to play fetch, so i don't know which is worse!

    i laughed before i read the post because when i first saw the picture i thought you were posting a picture of yourself reading a text while doing something like applying lipstick. don't tell me you haven't done that! :-)

    i really like what you did with the leaves, but i don't get the random numbers and letters on the other side. i'm not an artist though, so i'll trust you. :-)

    btw, please share what you got from SM's or HC for National Cupcake would be a crime if you didn't get anything!

    happy weekend...

  4. What a great card! And to think I didn't need Autumn Splendor - I should know better.

    Wanna rake my leaves? Just kidding, I'd settle for someone who can teach me how to get my grass to stay green when it's 5000 degrees out!

    Happy weekend.

  5. What a beautiful card, I'll be ordering Autumn Splendor. I love how you think/create out of the box.

    I taught my cat DK (Danger Kitty) to drape herself like a boa around my neck ('cause she wouldn't sit like Piewacket, the cat from Bell, Book & Candle). She's also my snuggle bunny & I love the mornings when she curls up next to me in bed & we both sleep.

    5000 degrees & gardening, whoa, I'm impressed! I usually wait until it cools off to a mere 800 or 900 degrees. :oD Gardening is almost a spiritual experience, I love the sights, sounds & smells of the garden. *sigh*

  6. Love the pic! Your babies are definitely part Maine Coon. They love the water and will pretty much climb you like Mt. McKinley if given the chance. The Maine Coon rescue kitty I had in college was exactly the same way.

    I have decided to let my native lawn go to it's native Texas state...dry as a bone. Plus, the critters in my yard scare me!

    Love the card! Pretty colors and pretty stamps working in harmony...always a great thing.

    Talk to you soon!


  7. Love the comment about Rescue Cats!!! We're in the same boat in our house...never a dull moment!

    And the card is cute! You are so creative!

  8. Awe, those kitties are too cute and too funny as always.

    The card is great also, love that stamp set.


    Lisa Atha

  9. So its not just a bathroom thing huh? My Sandycat has a thing for gang toidy's. Unless I close the door firmly she has the need to wander in and get loverly when I'm in the bathroom. She's rarely a lap sitter any other time unless I'm sitting on the john!

    Wow to the yardwork ethic. Enjoying the peace and quiet and the swish of leaves is a wonderful pastime....but when it's 5000 degrees??? Are you nuts???? Oh well to each his own including Maddie in her spiritual home. Maybe she feels the call of the spiral, circular path to life!

    Hugs and blessings always - Jean


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