Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thank You For Eating My Tapir & Other Thoughts

Photo Courtesy zooborns.com

Meet my Tapir. His name is Stripey. I love him. In a perfect world I would have a little team of these guys I could pile into the car and run around town with. If I had a million dollars, the first thing I would do would be acquire Stripey. So of course I had to show Stripey to my hilarious Twitter friends. As happens sometimes on Twitter, strange and funny conversations erupted, and began to center around eating my tapir. There was tapir on biscuits, tapir bacon, tapir casserole. They even talked in German about eating my tapir so I wouldn't hear. It was hysterical, and continued well into my trip to Salt Lake.

When I got home I was excited to see two mysterious boxes. One from my friend @crookedstamper and one from @dimbulb52. Inside - these.

That's right - Leslie sent me a Tapir - and Gary sent me the BBQ sauce. I laughed so hard I scared Maddie and Splotchy. I'm so lucky to have friends that make me giggle. Visit their blogs (links above) for more hilarity. Thanks L&G - xoxo. Still giggling. AND NO YOU STILL CAN'T EAT MY TAPIR!

All the tapir eating talk made Maddie decide to start eating my laptop last night. I'm serious. This is a phone pic so it's awful, but just listen and you will hear nom nom nom as she eats my screen.

Finally, a card. Yes, I stamped last night! (waiting for gasps to stop).

I wanted to make some convention Thank You's, so I took my trusty dictionary and got to work with Chic Boutique. I suppose someday I'll get out of my kraft obsession, but not just yet. ;)
stamps: Chic Boutique | accessories: Soft Suede Ribbon, Sticky Strip, White Gel Pen, Dimensionals | cardstock: dictionary, Kraft, Bashful Blue

Hope you guys have a terrific Tuesday!!!

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  1. dictionary pages... who knew!?! cute!

  2. You are marvelous, and your twitter friends are too. Where in the world does one find stuffed tapir? Er...I mean a stuffed tapir. ;)

  3. Heh heh heh. We are so thrilled you like the goodies. :-)

    Jennifer: I just googled 'stuffed tapir' and found three or four. I ended up getting it from Stuffed Safari. There are some really cute baby stuffed animals out there!

  4. Wure saving up our treats to get a tapir. Thay luk fun!

    What's a barbeque? Is that like a welcome to yer new home party!?! If so, we want to have a barbeque fur owr tapir!!!!

  5. That is funny, about your tapir. He is cute...striped and polka dotted.

    The ho bus is hysterical. I used to work in child welfare and one time we got a report from the local home for pregnant girls that a group of them had stolen their van and taken it on a joy ride. we all laughed out loud at that image.

  6. Love the card and the tapir is so cute! I had such a great time with y'all in SLC, and can't wait for another girl's night together. I hope you have been able to unpack all the stamping goodness that we got...I'm off to finish my make and takes!

  7. What adorable tapirs! I also love the card...elegant simplicity.

  8. What a great idea!! Cute card!


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