Saturday, August 15, 2009

Run, Rabbit, Run

I'm running. Like a John Updike rabbit - from one deadline to the next.. All fun deadlines, but deadlines nonetheless!!

I just dropped off a piece of Project Reanimate art that will be exhibited at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport for a while, so I'm breathing a sigh of relief and hoping some of you are flying in the next little while. :) I think it goes up on Monday.

So this morning was a nice little break in the action.

I had my open house at Mandola's Market and it was amazing!! Thank you to all my new guests - I hope you come back next month.I busted out the Mini Catalog goodies, and tortured everyone who came with the fact that none of this stuff can be ordered by customers for an agonizing 16 days yet. :)

Everyone's favorite of course were the sweet treat cups.

I recreated a convention project by Carrie Cudney, who is at the top of my favorites list for people who demo for us. Everything she does is adorable.This one made people shriek and it's sooo simple. The new sweet treat cups, which exactly fit into a hole you punch with the 1.75" circle punch out of the stamped images that were designed to go with them in the Sweet Centers set. We stamped the Halloween image in Lovely Lilac, cut it out and punched the center.

We filled our cups with Juicy Pear Jelly Bellies (which EXACTLY match Old Olive Cardstock, heh heh).

The cups have adhesive on the ring that holds them into the card, so we stuck that to a black piece.

On the back, I used Sticky Strip to hold a lollipop stick onto the black cardstock. I got these in the cake decorating section.

Then we added a piece of Cast-A-Spell DSP to cover that up and finished it with Old Olive Ribbon.The find of the week was these Lollipop bags we put them in.

They come with white satin ribbon already attached - just put your treat in, tie it, shazam - fun gift!

To hold my Blackberry & Orange Sherbet Jelly Bellies for the tables, I made a fortune teller (which one of my guests called a Cootie Catcher - hilarious!) out of 12x12 DSP. Fun and easy candy dish! Plus it folds flat for transport!

How cool is it that there's a black jellybean that is NOT licorice? Pretty darn cool.

Monday, I will announce this week's MMLM winner, AND I will show you the Christmas project we made.

Why not tomorrow?

Because Sunday is a day of BACON!!! I am going to be participating in a BACON BLOG HOP, so be sure and come back here tomorrow for some delicious blog hopping fun!

Have a great Saturday!

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  1. What a cute idea for the lolly pops!

    And, um, I call them cootie catchers, too. I must be old enough to remember them as that name. ;-)

    And thanks, now I need the Halloween papers.

    WV: hinkon. I could use an ice-cold hinkon right about now.

  2. Gorgeous projects as always...can't wait for my sweet treat cups to come in! Great job on the fortune teller, I am happy that you remembered how to fold one of those. I, however, will need a refresher course!

    Have a great weekend. Bacon Sunday just sounds so right to me...

  3. Very cool projects! Love them.

  4. oh..and if not licorice...what flavor are the black's a sin whatever they are...not right...just not candy should always be licorice plays with my mind otherwise.

    WV: ICALEART as in ..ICALEART to speak correctly if I wanted to

  5. I hate, hate, despise, abhor black licorice! It tastes nasty and not even like a candy- but so cool that you can black jellies without the licorice flavor! Yay you!

    Very cute ideas and love what you did with the sweet treats stuff!

    I look forward to tomorrow and being a part of the Bacon Blog Hop! Oinky-oink-over and out!

    WV-enting-I bet you can put THAT on the end of a word and it STILL be a word!

  6. What a CUTE project and the candy holder brings back memories... :) TFS!!

    PS - I'm so sad you don't like licorice. It's one of my favorite flavors. I guess you couldn't be perfect ;)

  7. What?!? Blackberry Jelly Bellies?!? I may never look at Halloween the same again! Woo hoo! I'll have to throw a party now just so I can serve those. (And make invitations, of course.:)

    Thanks for the info and sharing the cute projects. It was great to meet you at Convention!

  8. I'm trying to talk my DH into picking blackberries tomorrow - maybe we'll have to go on a jellybean hunt instead!!! Cool project. Can't wait to give those a try.

  9. blackberry jelly bellies?!?! whoa nelly, hold me back! 'cause no one in my family can stand the licorice ones. we just throw them at each other..... well I should clarify that to say that my husband and 3 teenage boys throw them at each other! ;)

    super cute projects! and it's Sunday over here...... where is that bacon?!?! :D

  10. Love those jelly belly suckers and uh, yes, those are definitely cootie catchers holding those delectible jelly bellies! I took my son to Carl's Jr. (very rare) the other day and they had cootie catchers as the toy in the kids meal. I was one of the unfortunate ones in high school that could NEVER figure out how to make a cootie catcher!! NOW that I'm almost 45, I've got written instructions WITH pictures!! How's that for a tutorial?!? WOO HOO! I could make those all day, I'm so excited. Joy, it's always the little things. Anyway, love the projects and I'm gonna' have to case you/Carrie Cudney. Thanks for the ideas and for making me laugh everyday, not just Monday!
    WV: etici, pron. a tiki: Find a tiki lounge and have a drink with an umbrella in it! Enjoy! WHEW, got a new brian wrinkle on that one. Took me a while to get the pronunciation correct. :0)

  11. Cool about your reanimate project you'll have to tell where it is in the airport dh & I get back home through the airport next Saturday


  12. Passing through Austin on my way to drop DD off at Baylor, where do I look? Give up the deets!


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