Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Auntie Princess' Birthday!

Sorry Auntie Princess is so small - that is her avatar, which makes me laugh every time I see it. If you can't laugh at Joan Crawford as a psychopathic mom, well, you're just not funny! heh heh.

I'm going to share with you some quotes from my dear Auntie Princess, some of which are so hilarious that my friend Leslie, of the Crooked Stamper blog, has made them into cards.

"Oh gawd nut bag BIL just gave husbo empty cranberry juice bottles for a birthday gift, BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Aaarg. just found out person who promised 2 make bday cake might have been talking through gin. "

"Is it my imagination or are there more women driving around like they have balls these "days?

"I hate that show Clean House, those people would have a nervous breakdown here."

"Boy, all nut bags were at the grocery store today. I'm renaming it Dangerway, where shopping is an adventure!"

"OK, new plan for party next sat. Tie the 2 irritating women that r coming together and let them duke it out - things are shaping up!"

Everything this woman says is hilarious. She's like a character from Tuna Christmas, for you Texans that have been fortunate enough to see that play. Except Auntie Princess is real. Thank God. And today is her birthday.

Aside from her daily hilarity, she makes beautiful vintage things and sells them on Etsy - lamps, hats, clothing, and ribbony stuff. You can take a peek here.

Instead of a birthday card, I made Auntie Princess a Thank You card. Because I love everyone who makes me laugh. Thanks for making me laugh every day, Auntie Princess.
Stamps: A Little Somethin' Ink: True Thyme Cardstock: Kraft, True Thyme DSP Accessories: Certainly Celery Ribbon,
Petals a Plenty Embossing Folder, White Gel Pen, 1.75" Circle Punch, Sizzix Birds & Branches die. All supplies Stampin' Up!

In honor of your funniness and princessyness you are my Make Me Laugh Monday winner this week, so I will be sending you some little goodies.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, free of nutbags, sisters in laws, and empty cranberry juice bottles.

You are a treasure! :)

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  1. Nice tribute!!

    Happy Birthday, AuntiePrincess! And thanks for all the material for my cards. Your package will go out this week!

    Oh, Lydia, you have posted your b'day video! Now I can watch it ad nauseum! (Isn't he a cutie pie?)

  2. Oh my - what an honor! Now I better live up to all this gloriousness. Thank you my dear!

  3. Love this card! I adore anything in Kraft. But you use it especially well. (and happy bday to AuntiePrincess too!)


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