Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm Hopelessly Uncool

I keep trying to tell you this.

If I were cool, I'd have a MacBook. A sleek, thin, white hunk of technology that would make a grown man cry.

But I'm hopelessly un.

So I have a small, beat up, mostly unreliable Dell "compact" laptop. Not a mini, because that would be cool. My laptop weighs more than a jet engine and requires a team of miniature ponies to carry through the airport on a sled.

And yet, here I am, at the airport. With my lead Dell. Say hello.

The motto of the University of Rochester, where I went to college, is Meliora. "Better."

That means you can have a 40 year old hunk of tech, and you can make it better.

So, not being a Decor Elements on the wall type of girl, I took one of the white medallion Decor Elements and I set about turning my brick into a hunk of Stampin' Up! cuteness for convention.

First, I cut the medallion apart, because the center wasn't quite large enough to accommodate that decidedly ungorgeous logo in the center of the lid.

You need to use the little rubbing tool to go over the rubons before you remove the grid side, because this makes sure they are stuck to the backing. Then peel off the grid side, and carefully place them on your un-Mac.
Rub em again with the rubbing tool (or if you lost yours, like me, the Pampered Chef scraper works great) to make sure they are adhered and then peel the backing off slowly from one edge. Mine worked great - no mistakes!

So here is my ameliorated laptop, sitting next to me, waiting for takeoff. What do you think? Convention worthy? It might not be cool, but it's.... better :)
Talk to you again in Salt Lake!

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. pimpin' up de Pentium! Word!

    not being that "crafty" myself, I don't know what a "decor element" is, but it sure looks cool when it's done.

  2. sassy! love it! praying for you to have a good flight. i'm so jealous you'll be eating sushi within the next 24 hours...

  3. You're cool just because you're on your way to convention....but I guess I can go jazz up my laptop with a decor element and pretend that I'm going to. Looking forward to your updates and scoops.

  4. You are now cooler. You can tell everyone that they are "MACDellElments" ;)
    Be safe.

  5. to cool. I wish I could do that to my laptop, but since it sits mostly in a bag, no one would see it. have fun in salt lake :)

  6. Kydia, you are always cool in my book!!!! The laptop looks great!

  7. I totally use my Pamerpered Chef scrapper thingy! Way to multi-purpose, girl.

  8. Lydia,

    Laptop looks awesome! Very cool, not uncool. I can't wait to see whatever you see at convention! Be careful, and stay safe!


    Lisa Atha

  9. you're definitely....better!

    haha! couldn't resist!

    what happened to MACM? I've actually missed Mon for the last few weeks - literally - got so busy missed and was convinced it was already tues.

    anyway. i got an email the other day from the Department of Health advising me that as fall approached and swine flu rears it's ugly head again (and since I'm not "important" enough to be listed as a vaccine recipient) I should avoid eating canned pork products.

    Not wanting to risk my health and leave my precious 2 year old son motherless, I decided to take the email to heart. Then I realized - IT'S ONLY SPAM!!!!!

  10. Very cool (personally, I'm not much for the Mac :). LOVE the Decor Element on your Dell... my Dell has one, too :)

  11. Now that your Dell is pimped out, you are Uber Cool!! Love it. Enjoy all of the fun that is Convention...looking forward to your updates. Oh, and don't leave out all of the yummy sushi you will be savoring! I vote for pics of each meal! yummmmmm

    Have a blast!

  12. WV: ratiffi

    Ex- I hope Splotchy and Maddie dont cover your house in ratiffi while you're gone!

  13. Oh, I love that! My hubby would not appreciate it if adorned his laptop with such prettiness. I hope I get my own laptop soon... just so I can make it COOL like yours! Can't wait to meet you in SLC tomorrow! I better go pack!

  14. I, too, have a Dell computer of a certain age and was wondering how to make it stand out (only by decorating it would it stand out in a crowd) - thanks for the great idea, I might be casing it in the not-to-distant future!

  15. Sorry your Dell is unreliable.... but at lease it's an XPS



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