Monday, August 31, 2009

Make me LOL Monday...

Is there really a better day for making someone laugh than Monday? I think not. The universal dread and despair we all have for the start of the work week is a tragedy. So I can't wait to see what you do today to make the world a happier place!!

Next Monday, of course, is Labor Day! Yipee! A three day art weekend! I'm going to work my tailfeathers off this week so that I can just be creative next weekend. Maybe plan some Christmas camps and get ... AHEAD... *GASP*. (don't hold me to it :))

Anyway, since so many people I know have celebrated birthdays this month, I thought there was no more fitting tribute than to showcase some animals that are so old they're extinct!! Not that you are, or anything, I'm not saying that... Smiley from

What I'm actually saying is, that even though we're old, we're not OUT OF PRINT!!

Even a dinosaur can learn the ways of the interwebz, with its OMGs and LOLs and all, you know.

Stamps: Doodle Factory Prehistoric & Greetings Paper: Noveau Chic, Real Red, Whisper White (Stampin' Up!), Magazine Page
Ink: India Accessories: Stickles, Googlie Eyes

These cool old beasts are Irene's latest - Prehistoric. I glittered their toes and their fierce little back spikes, whatever those are called. And even though they have hilarious eyeballs, when an opportunity for googlie eyes presents itself, ladies and gentlemen - YOU BETTER TAKE IT.

I hope your toes are glittery, your eyes googlie and that you LOL and OMG and :) at least once today!
Smiley from


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  1. I'm leaving my make me laugh monday in the form of a video on my blog. It will be on me all week, hopefully not forever.

  2. I hope this link works. My MYLM is on my Flickr with a picture and description of what you're seeing.

    It's a visual for sure. Put your coffee down folks....or beverages may come out your noses!

  3. this card is too cute! love what it's stamped on too...

  4. VERY cool card- and yes, googlie eyes are a definite must!

    Here's the story I promised you a while back. Sort of long- I'm sorry.

    It was January of 1992,I think. Really cold outside (January 23rd, THE day of winter, no, THE entire season of winter in Texas). I had decided that maybe I'd like to go back to school to get my R.N. degree and I needed to take a Texas Government class at ACC.

    That day I had to give a speech on Ann Richards. Yuck! I was nervous. I HATE, ABHOR, DETEST speaking in front of other people.I turn red and seem to stumble along. Anyways, I digress.

    I had put on a thick cable-knit sweater to attend classes since it was so cold out. I got to class and it was my turn to give my dreaded speech. About half-way thru the speech I noticed that people WERE paying attention to me and thought "well, I might actually get thru this".

    I mean, they were even slightly cocking their heads to one side and then another. They looked interested! I felt AWESOME when I was finished and went home in a great mood!

    Got home- El Dorado (you know where that is- attended classes at the Pinnacle) and had to go pee. ALWAYS have to go pee after being nervous (I can't believe I just said that!). Soo, I run into the half-bath right inside entry and do my thing.

    Relieved (in many ways more than one)I check my appearance upon leaving the bathroom in the HUMONGOUS mirror. I looked and looked again.....then, I gasped! (O.K. I sucked in my breath until I thought I would implode).

    I had made a major fashion mistake. I wore shoulder pads which were sooooo out of season (that day anyway) and soooo faux pas! They were shoulder pads the size of small VW Bugs. But that's not the bad part.

    I had FORGOTTEN one of the shoulder pads. I WAS Quasimodo. I WAS the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I WAS royally screwed when I realized this......

    The only interest that my fellow students had in me while speaking "my dreaded speech" was that I was MAL-FREAKIN'-FORMED! Their heads were not politely cocking to one side, listening to my speech, they were in a state of trance which was NOT transcendental! I had one shoulder OBVIOUSLY higher than the other AND they had not realized it before.

    The head-cocking was just a farce- I never spoke in public (at school) again.

    I never wore shoulder-pads again.

    I never cared about Ann Richards again.

    That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Put a fork in her- she's done!

    Love ya much, Cletus XoXoXo

    Oh1 WV- jutata- the "auntie" to Jujubees!

  5. No words necessary...
    and no..I do not know where you can buy these accessories..

  6. Ironically I do have a birthday but it is the 8th of Sept. The Virgos abound don't they?
    I love the dino card and am so glad to be able to sit in front of the computer for a few minutes a day now. I really missed your blog.

  7. Lydia,

    As usual I have nothing funny to say today, but I do love that card. Those are the cutest dino stamps that I have ever seen.



  8. OMG I am FREAKIN LOL at Lisa's story!!! Freakin Hilarious!!!!


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