Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The First Full Day in Salt Lake

Immediately this morning I see a security breach. Who forgot to tell this man he's NOT SAFE HERE!!! UPS man - RUN! There are stamping ladies coming!!

Then - I stomped all the way up to the University at the top of the hill and all the way back down. I was starving after that, so I had to find some bacon. I walked all the way to the mall at the other end of town in search of something good, but nothing was open. HOWEVER, Providence plopped me down into an unassuming little shop where I was looking for water. As I searched the coolers, I noticed that at the back of the store they had this crazy little walk up window where the world's cutest and sweetest little girl was cooking. She knew everyone who walked up (except me) by name. Very cool. I thought I would see if I could get a bagel, and then I saw....
Next to the window - proof that God had delivered me into the house of the world's best bacon. And oh my - was it. I survived the crisis, and walked on to see some of my favorite arty SLC sights.

The big yoyo handsThe shiny metal bird
The gorgeous, typically western and vintage Peery Hotel, that I stayed in once and loved.
The world's cutest fence.And this what the heck moment behind this building... What were all these doors and windows FOR? And bars ON TOP of the plywood? After a minute or two I wondered if there weren't treasure in them there hills, I did..
Oh, but I saved the best for last. Yes, I know you come here for the kitties and the sushi. I'm no dummy :)

This is called the Snow White. It has WHITE SALMON! I can't stand regular salmon - it's so strong. This is delicate, not fishy, crazy yummy. It's topped with coconut. It tasted even better than it looked
And my one true sushi love, the Strawberry Fields. Chili, Strawberries, Escolar, almonds, and a sweet sauce that is smack your momma delicious.

Love you Takashi, and Derek - thanks for making SLC such a tasty place.

And the hotel Monaco is my favorite hotel on earth.

Look what awaited me.
What girl isn't lightened in spirit after a long journey by a Hershey bar and a handwritten note? Made me smile. Especially after a descent so scary I actually grabbed the guy sitting next to me. But I survived nicely :)

And please meet Fizzy, my new friend.

Hi Fizzy. I know they will fishnap you and replace you with another friend, but I want you to know that I love you like you are my own pet goldfish. You are cute and sassy. Thanks for keeping me company.

Tomorrow - you better stay tuned - Memento Mall opens at 9 Mountain Time, and when I'm done there -guess what? PRIZES!! I WILL be buying extra stuff for you gals who aren't here with me! :)

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  1. Hanging on every word! Keep it coming, it's like I'm there! :)

  2. U R Yummy! Or is is it your blog?? Or maybe-- god, it could be true- both?

    I am so glad I found your blog after convention last year- it's surreal timing, girlie!

    Please be in my life forever! Amen!

    Love, Lisa

  3. LOVE your post, Lydia!! I almost feel like I'm there with ya...almost. ;)

  4. Lydia,

    What can I say, I love ya sister! You are by far the most entertaining person I have ever met. I so love your detailed convention stories. I just wish that I were there with you at convention, that would be even more fun! Geez am I glad that I ever found you and can call you a friend. You keep me laughing. Stay safe, don't let all of those stamping crazies run you over.

    Hugs, Lisa Atha

  5. I love the update, and am looking forward to all the SU news from convention.

    Sushi no fishy, huh? Maybe my first and last taste was bad? I do NOT need another addiction! :-)

  6. Daaag! No wonder you go up early, you get the party started! Next year I'm going up early with with YOU! In the meantime, I'm getting in ready for my SLC trip. C U in a couple of hours!

  7. Great up dates! Now that sushi is just wrong!!! Coconut??? Strawberries???

  8. Thanks for the lowdown so far. Can't wait for the next post...wish I could be there, but as my Mama always said,"If wishes were horses, beggar's would ride; if cornbread were catfish, we'd have plenty fried."


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