Friday, July 23, 2010

Need More Reasons to Love Salt Lake?

I don't. I love it. I love the high desert climate. My hair is so fluffy here. I love the restaurants. And I come from an uber foodie town, so that's high praise. The people are nice. We stamp here. The streets are about 1/4 mile across. There are mountains everywhere. If you don't like all that, you're just hard to please.

Dana and I had the most amazing tour of the valley last night, courtesy of our friend Mel, who, in addition to being the nicest woman in the world, KNITTED US SOCKS!! OMG. I love her.

After the longest work day ever, she gave us an incredible tour that included four stunning temples. My pics don't do them justice, but the graceful architecture and incredibly beautiful settings they're in was truly inspiring.

We totally did the complete tourist thing, hopping out of the car to snap pics. :)
The mountains here are absolutely magnetic. I'd love to see mountains every day. Mel's drive home is absolutely stunning.
Aaah - we got to this beautiful temple right at sunset. I'm sorry my picture isn't better. It was heartstopping in real life.

It's going to be harrrrrrrrrdddddddddd to return to humidity!!! :)

This morning, Dale Fillmore, just a beloved, beloved executive, showed us his family picture, and I had to share. Sweet. We feel welcome!
This afternoon, I took my final fave board pics. This little ditty is ingenious. It's a party decoration. The skirt is a napkin!! The top of the dress is with our punches. Creative people!
I apologize if you know the person I almost pushed down to take a pic of this adorable card!!! Look - those dresses are the flowers from Awash with Flowers!! GAH!! CREATIVE!
This just is incredibly gorgeous.
Adorable punch art.
Mmm. me likey owls.
Okay. This was genius. This was from Jill Kocherhans and Bonnie Thurber's presentation. It's a "recycle" card. All but one of the yellow notes in the envelope are blank. So you write a note on one, include blanks, and encourage the person you give it to to give it to someone else! Love it!!
Then there were some cute cards to celebrate the incentive trip to Disney.

And, as is my custom, I must introduce you to this year's goldfish - King Juan Carlos. He's been my companion here at the Monaco, and is very genteel and regal, as you might expect.
Tomorrow, there's supposed to be some big news or giveaways. I'll let you know what it is as soon as I know. :) I'm loving reading about your fave books. Keep em coming.


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  1. Thank you Lydia for your phenomenal convention coverage... I look forward to it every year, even when I'm AT convention :) Your photos and stories are always so much fun!

  2. I wish I could have been with you and Mel as she showed you the sites. I can tell you had a great time! That little napkin dress is INCREDIBLE, and all of the samples you shared are amazing. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of the recycled card!!! Thanks for sharing all of this with us!

  3. I am SOOOO excited about the little dresses/skirts idea from the flowers! This is the ONLY SU set I have right now, so far... and now I have more ideas for it! super adorable!!!

  4. your pictures brought back memories of a trip I made to SLC. The desert is such a pretty place.

  5. Thanks so much for posting all the great pictures, I've been enjoying them all! I was totally surprised by your post today to see you had taken a picture of my card (!!) and that it was displayed at Convention! It's the Sweet Pea card done with the Butterfly punch. LilyBean is my sweet little kitty Wow Lydia...thanks for posting it!


  6. It was my pleasure to take you to see more of our beautiful city. I do love it here! I look forward to all your blog posts and your fun personality. Thanks for all you did for me this week and the Sushi was great!!!!! Thanks so much for that wonderful treat.

    love you dear!!!


  7. I am so thankful, Lydia, for you SU convention report. So fun, and just what I'd take photos of! Thanks and appreciation.
    Leslie Parks


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