Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well I am here at CHA with the rest of the Splitcoast team, trying to take in all the new products we will just HAVE to be buying soon!

I have all the sneak peeks and a few celebrity sightings on our Splitcoast Facebook page and in the CHA gallery on the site. I don't have all my photos uploaded yet, so keep checking back!

Today's tutorial in the Weekly Inkling was my Smooch Spritz tutorial, and I think you will LOVE it. I am really loving adding a nice shimmery finish to all my little projects.

Here's the card I made in the tutorial, using Presto Patterns paper.

And here's the tutorial and video! If you don't see a video, click here.

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  1. I loooove this card!!! And that smooch spritz is AWWWWESOME!!!

    Love your commentary---best commentaries EVAH :D I particularly like how you address the embellishments as "he" or "she" hehehehe XOXO
    Can't wait to see the rest of your CHA updates!!!!1 SQUEEEEE!!!!!

  2. LOOOOOVE this video! You do such nice work! I might have to USE my magic papers now! HA!

    WV: fixtrob
    The job of someone who works on a Help Desk.

  3. Lydia! You rock. What a beautiful card. I love how that is so dramatic like you said now I guess I might have to go down and steal some of this wonderful card stock from my daughter. she has a whole package and I didn't even order any yet! You are so smooth while presenting. Love you!

  4. Beautiful card.
    I went shopping yesterday (after visiting your blog), saw a product similar to this one, thinking it the same product I bought it. Ooops. I only bought it because I had seen this video, had a coupon and thought it worth a try. (Was more interested in the technique, than brand.) Not going to name the product, but it looks to be the same. Now I gotta go try it out.

  5. I really enjoyed your video! I haven't had a chance to play with the smooch spritz or the presto patterns paper. It was so fun to see what you can do with these products. Beautiful card- thanks for sharing this:)

  6. Hi Lydia,
    Gorgeous card! I don't have any of those sprays yet; they look divine.

  7. My goodness - how did I miss your great tutorials until today? Love those Smooch Spritz sprays. Again I have to ask about that Love You much stamp - is that available in a current set? Thank you Lydia.


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