Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just the Queen, That's All...

Want some queen trivia? Let's do Queen Elizabeth 1.
  • Her dad - Henry VIII - wanted a son so badly he didn't attend her christening. Fat old dummy. I guess she showed him!
  • She owned more than 3,000 beautiful gowns and wore new shoes each week. That's what I call sass.
  • She could speak extemporaneously in Latin. I'm sure she bored people to death at parties with that little skill.
  • Her favorite flower was the pansy
  • If she disapproved of the pace and length of a sermon, she was not above yelling at the speaker to wrap it up.
  • She cussed like a sailor
  • She survived smallpox.
Don't mess with a queen!I love the little sentiment from Favorite Thoughts - we needed some funny, slightly snarky Stampin' Up! sets! I used many of my fave new catty goodies here. Artistic Etchings, Notably Ornate, the Victoria Lace trim, Newsprint DSP and the world's sparkliest rhinestones. Seriously - the world's sparkliest. Sparkly. I stamped the little ledger first in tempting turquoise and then overstamped it in black. Hard to tell in this pic but there are four little rhinestones on the crown. We are making this card at my stamp class today.

Now as is my custom, I ordered some new catty stuff twice so I'll have some stamp sets to give away during convention - so stay tuned here! Who's going?

What are you doing this weekend, queenies?

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :) Want to see my other blog?


  1. Love the card, you did all of those new pretties justice!

    I am sad that my new box of goodies is sitting hostage at the Austin UPS warehouse. Do you think that they have a hatch like on Lost that we could break into?

    See you soon, thanks for sharing the gorgeous card!

    WV: poperthi
    Usage: If UPS doesn't give me my Stampin' Up! poperthi, I'm gonna have to take it from them.

  2. Not only do I love the card with that DP background, the duo of teal and black, and of course -- the sparklies -- but I adore the fact that you shared some great queenie trivia with us - awesome! have a great weekend.

    we're helping friends move, celebrating a friend's birthday, and catching up on engagement details -- how much better can life get?

  3. this queen is trying not to be snarky about the fact that she thought she indicated expedited shipping but didn't, so she too is waiting for her packages to arrive monday.

    she is also trying not to pout that the king has a headache and is not able to entertain the idea of festivities on a rare weekend off from queenly duties.

    so, to wart off increased snarkiness, she has made 2 cards and surfed blogdom. long live the queen!

    ps like the card a bunch!

  4. This queenie played hooky from the farmers market and took a nap on the couch instead. I am prepping for my Stamp Camps that are tomorrow and Monday.

    I also ordered two of stuff. Why do we do that?!?!

    WV: mettorp
    I think that's one of the tiny hand bones, non?

  5. loved our projects today! super cute! And you're right! those stones sparkle like diamonds!!!

    oh, and I DEFINITELY recommend hitting up Stampology! it's FABULOUS! & I <3 the Texana ladies! So fab!!!

  6. Love your card! Made my list a little longer......The queen sounds like she would be fun to hang out with! LOL!

  7. what am i doing this weekend? well not stamping! dang it.
    I made a wedding cake and it was ok not the best but my niece loved it. I have a house full of family. and the last of them leaves tonight at about 9 they are going to drive through the night!!! crazy if you ask me but they think it is easier for the kids. Hummmmm never tried it before.

    Maybe after I they leave I will be able to make some swaps for convention. we will have to see.

    It is almost here and lots to do next week to wrap things up.


  8. Fantastic card!!!!
    You do such stunning work!

  9. How the heck did I miss this awesome post!?? I freakin' LOOOVE trivia!! This post makes me want to watch that movie about a queen with Dame Judy Dench...or whatshername that played the white witch in Narnia...or...oh good grief I need to go to IMDB and figure it out...

    ANYWHO I freakin' LOVE this card and am lamenting I did not order any of those sparkly rhinestones. So...guess I'll have to place another order. Of course I've already ordered a set of markers TWICE so I'll have to give some stuff away too! HAHA
    Holy crap I should have just sent you an email instead of hijacking this comment thread...

    Love. This. Card!!!

    WV: bingna
    I got nothin' Sorry...just not feelin it tonight....bingna!!!

  10. Hey Lydia, I LOVE this card!! Your stuff is GORGEOUS! And I'm going to Convention!!! My third one in a row! I can't wait! I hope to see you there!!

    Susan, aka Soozie4Him on SCS

  11. Love this sassy vintage card. The Queen details make it even more interesting, now I have to get that set! Wish I was at Convention with the Queens like you! I tried for artisan and am hoping to see some of my stuff on the boards like last year. Just to know they weren't thrown away! Did you try again? And win? I wouldn't be surprised-with all that Irish sass. Have fun for the paupers back at home, and thanks for throwing us some coins!


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