Thursday, July 22, 2010

Start with a BANG!!

I am stunned at the displays this year. What I saw was amazing and I haven't even seen them all yet!! The theme was food, and there was an area called the Sweet Shop with all sorts of paper confections that looked good enough to eat! The paper chocolates and ribbon truffles blew me away.
So, since it's late, here are some of my faves from today, starting with this simple little card with ribbon roses..SUCH great Halloween treats from the upcoming mini cat goodies!The owls and the pussycat..Some cake for dessert...
And Dana and one of my downline Cheryl playing Twister at our fun Flower Power party this evening. Wish us luck - we had to do some agility tests to try to get on tomorrow's game show! Tune in tomorrow for more updates!

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  1. looks like you're having an awesome time.


  2. Seeing the Twister board made me chuckle! I'm lovin' those paper confections -- yummmmmmm! Thanks so much for posting these.

  3. Lydia! I LOVE the little bat houses (such the neat idea) and the candies are fab!!!! Thanks so much for the pics...I'll be checking back often! You're awesome!

  4. Hi Lydia! Somehow I missed Twister at the Flower Power Party, and I haven't run into you yet. :( As soon as I see ya, I'll tackle ya! ;)


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