Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sabre Tooth Peeping Lemurs say Goodbye to CHA

So I get home and I don't know what happened when I was gone, but the cats have quadrupled in size or been replaced by Sabre Toothed Lemurs. I know you think I made that animal up, but look - imagine a huge cat, with giant teeth, fierce claws and a very long tail that can hop up to the top of the shower and peep down at me in a heartbeat. That's what my house is infested with. It's really pretty scary when you think about it. The beasts missed me though. Splotchy stretched his giant heavy carcass across my trachea and Maddie slept under my knees with her little head hanging off the side of the bed all night.

So, before we say goodbye to CHA, a card. This simple little ditty is a combination of Trendy Trees and Branch Out. To me it has the look of some of those adorable tiny Amuse creations by Julie Ebersole. That chick is in every white card I make!! The leaves of the tree are Sahara Sand, and the bird is real red, outlined in black for definition. U like?
Now, onto the last pics from CHA. Don't forget to check out Lisa's blog - she got some great pics of Graphic 45.
This picture is the lamp on our table at dinner the last night. I thought it was sweet.
Here is my oil painting from my class in the Bob Ross method. I finally learned to paint clouds!!
These posts were hard but I finally got them.
Lookie - Clouds!!! Why were those so hard before?
If you ever get the chance to take a class using the Bob Ross method - you have to. You will not believe the things you will be able to do by the end. This class took two hours and this is the result!Here's Donna Dewberry (the one stroke painting genius) with my sister and a painting she did for my mom.
This bracelet is made from Friendly Plastic!!! It looks like something that would go for $500 in Santa Fe!
More Friendly Plastic. I have no idea how they did this - no one was demonstrating on the times I passed by. Maybe its online somewhere.

Okay - am I the only one who is confused by this sign? Has Texas become a republic again, hence the need for importation of beads? I like "Wholesales" also.
Hey - have you seen this? It is a big marker with a blade in it. So you can cut out shapes that are pre-outlined. It's from Elmer's.
I sure could have used a riding cooler myself. This thing BLAZED - it goes like 10 miles an hour. You can put 300 pounds on the seat, and a pitcher of margaritas in the cooler - I Googled it. $800. Brilliant. Click here for deets.
Look at this cool Buffalo
You paint it with a brass stencil in black. Then leave the stencil there and apply crackle. Wow. Then she colored it with ink. I really liked it white. What a great stencil.
I forgot the name of this technique, but it's Japanese, and it's a way to make a ball out of yarn - a ball that would bounce that kids would play with. Then they would decorate them so they would know whose was whose. It was fascinating to watch.
Ooh - decorative packing tape!! Great colors and designs!!

I thought Maya Road had brilliant and efficient packaging.
OMG - Maddie has a woving company!!!
Look at her beautiful woving. I'm sure it makes great pom poms in addition to the artwork shown here.
ooh - fun fish bag!!!

Okay - now for something I would NOT buy. This is the new motorized Big Shot. It's WAY too loud, MHO. All you midnight stampers - this would wake up everyone in the house. It is not quicker than the hand crank, and it made a terrible motor stripping sound once when she put four sheets of cardstock in it. I do not recommend this, but definitely see and use one once if you're thinking about it.
Here is my only shot of the Graphic 45 displays. Their paper and accessories are STUNNING. Lisa is right - gorgeous booth.
This is a technique I learned at a booth that escapes my tired brain right now. But this substance is not paint - it's more like embossing paste, and the lady demonstrating taught me this flower technique. I'm addicted! She was wonderful.

That's all for now. Busy weekend ahead. Wedding, Superbowl, Club prep, sabre toothed lemur races, upcoming webinar. Good thing there is Tex Mex and a margarita on the schedule after work tomorrow or I don't think I'd survive.

Thank you for all your kind comments and emails during the trip, and welcome all my new readers. You guys are so sweet to take the time to say such nice things!! Hope you enjoy the final peeks!

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  1. Just want to say that we love you much- simply and adorably- you deserve it.

  2. I like the tree card very much!!!!!

    I also liked all of your coverage of CHA. I am not just saying this because we are friends, you had the best coverage of CHA than any other blogger. You left the rest in the dust! Seriously! Yeah for Kydia!

    Lisa A.

  3. I looooove your tree card! And thank you for all your lovely posts from CHA that have made my shopping list for my LSS way too long. I am weak.

  4. That birdie card is just stunning ♥
    I agree with the others...your CHA coverage was awesome and my wish list for new stuff is a mile long {and our new SU! catty isn't even out yet!!!!}

  5. It was great to meet you at the SCS gathering. Lovely pictures, as always!

  6. Totally off topic - but I could not help but think of you when I saw this

    Haha! I know you were way too busy in California to be hackin' into some road sign system - and the mouse wouldn't let you do that, right?

  7. totally crack me up!!!! I usually have one cat all up in my bid-ness while i'm sttempting to sleep while the other has a leg or 2 pinned down. Crazy cats...but I do love them! Even when they decide to my new Score-pal their beloved bed.

    The word of the day is....reaffies....yea...I got nothing on that...just bizarre...

  8. Wow! What a great time you had. I'll bet you are exhausted and missing Maddie and Splotchy terribly. Probably missing your hubby a bit too. :) Thanks for all your updates. You ROCK! Hugs, Pam

  9. Great card!!

    Thanks for sharing your great CHA pix ... certainly WAY more interesting than most of the others flooding Blogdom right now! Wait. Did I say that?

    Enjoy the lemur races!

  10. Lydia, I loved seeing CHA through your eyes - I told everyone to check *your* blog for the pretty stuff. I didn't take any pics of the few booths I *did* see! It was *so* good to see you again. Next time, let's meet a little closer to home, okay? (BTW, how was Morton's? That's where they piggy lamp's from, right?)

  11. Great pics! Thanks for posting these, wish I could have gone, but I'll be there for the July one in Orlando.


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