Thursday, January 8, 2009


How the heck should I know???

Okay, imagine this. A person has snuck off to a quiet chair in the convention center for a moment of peace & blogging, and a quite desperate man (picture a cross between Ricky Martin and Nick Tortelli from Cheers is suddenly running towards my chair, quite literally screaming "WHAT IS WINKOS???" Of course, I'm at Leadership, so naturally, I assume I've won something. Stencils, those canvas thingy's, SHELLI'S SHOES OMG THEY ARE BLUE AND STRAPPY OMG I MUST HAVE THESE or something, so I get excited too!! I yell back "EXCUSE ME???" and he, still running towards me, yells "WHAT IS WINKOS??" He is clearly desperate. I so want to get this right. So I say - "I don't know - is it a game?" His arms flap around. He is exasperated at my low IQ. I have a moment of clarity then and I say "Do you mean - where is Kinko's?" Finally, he thinks - this idiotic woman has come to her senses. "YES - WHAT IS WINKOS" he yells. I point. We are done with that.


Okay a couple answers. Leadership is mostly classes. We had a 3 hour make & take session the first day, where we used the stamp set they gave us and make some amazing projects. We always make an extra for the Ronald McDonald House. Then we have a free night, which is why we ate sushi.

Today was an opening general session where we got those announcements about digital scrapbooking and saw Shelli demo the stencils (on a tote bag, walls and a lampshade, then with embossing paste on a vase - pics below) and then all classes - you sign up for them in whatever you want. I had four today. They are 45 minutes apiece and a wonderful combo of humor, entertainment, inspiration and great information.

Tonight - the managers get to go to Universal for the Manager's reception - they close down part of Universal for them and they get to ride rides, get a free stamp set, have a great meal, etc. I have never been a manager, so I'm just super jealous. :)

Tomorrow - classes all day, then a closing session and a keynote speaker. Should be great. They give away prizes at every session. Some people today won the digital scrapbooking software, some won the stencils, all sorts of good stuff.

Now - about last night. So, after getting yelled at by the GPS lady, we see the restaurant, but there's no parking. So we drive down the block where we see this public parking garage. I enter, on the right, like an American, at which point I see what you saw. I stopped. Cursed. Looked at Jane. I said - this can't be - it's all British!! She says - no, it can't be. That's the wrong side for Pete's sake!! So, assuming I'm still in America, I cautiously drive on the right. Of course, a car appears, going about 90, screeches to a halt in front of me, and the woman driving it starts gesturing and mouthing "WT#*$^*@#&*(???" I think - is that a mirror? Because that's exactly what I'm doing!!!) Stunned, I move LEFT, and she passes me. On the right. Going the wrong way. Walking out of this garage was three times as scary. I'm so mixed up. Orlando - explain this to me!!!

So my very very first commenter, Stephanie, and many after, was correct!!

So, Stephanie, please send me your address for a fabby Memento Mall goodie!!

To all my coworkers who think this is a vacation - do you know how hard it is to scream for three days in a row? Schlep 80 pounds of catalog, memento mall stuff, laptop, camera, chargers, phones, water, etc. around like a burro?? This is hard work!! ;)

OMGOSH PLEASE KEEP TELLING ME YOUR ANTI SPAM WORDS - YOU GUYS ARE KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE ONES YOU USE IN A SENTENCE - LMAO!! PLEASE keep those coming. Although Kim's almost got me D-hall today!!

Also - WINKOS by MENTOS - you are getting a prize, as is the girl who said "I can tell you what's wrong with this picture - it's not of new catty stuff"!! I love it when you make me laugh!! Email me.

Speaking of laugh, check out the sign about the slippery floor in our bathroom. Yeah, it's weird to take a picture in the bathroom, but really? You're gonna do Jazz Hands on the way down to crack your tailbone?? Weird!!
Finally, I have something somewhat serious to say.

I would not be here if it weren't for the 10 girls in my downline, so don't think I'm here because of something I did. All you have to do is surround yourselves with great people like Neelam, Emily, Jan, Cynt, Chriss, Yvonne, Micki, Melody, Melody (Yes I have two!!) and Katherine and you will go far.

And I also want to say that I haven't decided how you will win the paper samplers or lots of other prizes yet, but hear this. I will not sell them to you. I am giving them away because I am grateful that you come here. I love teaching more than anything else, and I don't care why you come here, but if you learn something, if you laugh, if you like my kittens, if in any way your day is a little better for stopping by the old blog, then I'm a happy girrrrrrrrl. My only aim here is to add a little joy to the world and teach people stuff that makes them better at what they do. I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator to support my own stamping addiction and because it's a vehicle for teaching and making people happy. If I find success at any part of that, I am a very lucky person and will consider it a bonus. I will only charge for things I feel I personally contribute to the value of. If I can help you be places you can't go yourself, like SU events - even better. So thank you very much for coming. I hope you win something.

And finally... before the pix

There are two things that will serve you well in your life and your business - enthusiasm and sacrifice. Be enthusiastic about everything you do, and recognize you will have to sacrifice things for love. You might have to sacrifice sleep (I don't need much, thankfully), money, time, space - any number of things. But they will be worthy sacrifices if they are in the pursuit of things you love.

However, Zig Ziglar has some other advice that I try to follow.

"You can have everything you want in life, if you are willing to help enough other people get what they want."

So, what do you want? Maybe I can help :)

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)


  1. You are truly an inspiration!!! So grateful for your Blog everyday... but you've outdone yourself this time with all the great sneek peaks!! I have to say I'm still laughing at the bathroom sign and absolutely love the quote you have concluded with... well said! Enjoy!!

  2. Thanks so much for all of the fun news. Yeah, news is news but to have it delivered in such a fun and enthusiastic way is even better. Makes me feel like I'm there and not here in freezing cold Idaho.

  3. WHAT??? you don't wave your hands like you just don't care when you're falling on your backside?

    I figure if I'm going down I want to make it look like it's part of my routine ;-)

    Thank you for your enthusiam. It is absolutely contagious and you've totally given me new inspiration to kick some stampin' butt!

    Rock on!

    ps. my word is ressill.

    in a sentence:

    Don't you "ressil" wit your brother like that you two are gunna get hurt!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your attitude. I hope someday I can become the person I was meant to be- it's seems to me that you are there!

    You've taken us to Orlando!

  5. I'm crying. I'm crying because I am laughing so freaking hard- stop it! God, you are funny! Oh, and so are you Lydia. My word is rationf as in "Rationf you want to but there's plenty to go around". I just tried to comment and accidentally deleted it but my word that time was readdes as in "Readdes magazine, it'll keep ya entertained".

  6. Jazz hands?!? OMG! ROFLMAO!

    You're killin' me... But you're right, that sign is a keeper.

  7. Lydia,
    Thanks for your updates and stories which brought a huge grin to my face - Winkos! and jazz hands and your parking garage encounter! Your words of life advice are truly inspirational. I'm really happy to have found your blog.

  8. My DD and I think they fell in the bathroom because they don't have feet but they have really cool Jazz hands. Could that be the problem? Thank you for your great blog and for sharing the leadership experience with those of us that aren't attending! The pictures are great and my DD loves the new stencils. Keep having fun and be careful on the British streets. Thanks, Tonya

  9. I'm sorry did you say EMBOSSING PASTE???? I assume it's in the new catty??!!!

  10. Okay, call me dumb, but I read your whole thingy today and still do not know what Winko's are. Are they the shoes Shelli is wearing? I thought you WERE a manager. Why aren't you? You have lots of people under you.

    Thanks for keeping us updated. Hugs, Pam

  11. Okay, PLEEEEEEase keep these photos coming. I'm going to look at them over and over until the new catties come in! I'm LOVING the pics you're giving. My sweet husband is cracking up at me talking to the computer and getting excited about new products!

  12. You are "verritu" hilarious. Thanks for keeping me updated today and "busy" at work. I don't have a downline, but I know that your downlines are successful because of the awesome support you give them.

  13. OMG that is too funny! We have a joke in our family from when we went to Disney World - there were signs on all the rides about not standing up but they looked like the people were dancing (those dang jazz hands again!). Everytime we were on a ride my husband would say - very seriously - to our 3 yr. old son "remember, no dancing on the ride" He got so exasperated every time and would reply "it doesn't mean DANCING, Dad! Who would dance on a ride anyway?" I took pictures of those signs and of my DS pouting as he posed with them. As soon as I saw your post I ran to my hubby and showed him. He laughed almost as hard as I did. Thanks for all the great info - you rock!

  14. OMG, I found you through splitcoast today. You are TRUELY a blast:) You have made me laugh and I SOOOO needed it! I had to subscribe to your blog just to see what you come up with next! Thanks for all of the updates!!

  15. "So, what do you want?"

    Well, since you so boldly and graciously asked...I think I would like my own stamping TV show :-)

    In lieu of that, I'd take a job designing and stamping for SU!. Getting a regular paycheck, and benefits, for doing something I love every day would be phenomenal.

    Can you help me?


  16. Lydia,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog! It is my absolute favorite and I check it a couple of times every day! I am so inspired by your creativity and talent. I love pictures and updates of Maddie & Splotchy. I love your humorous writing stlye and observations on life. It is so wonderful that you don't mind sharing with other SU demonstrators as well.

    Shelli's blue shoes are to die for, I am such a shoe addict. I laughed out loud at the bathroom picture and DH asked if I was on LOL cats, which by the way I didn't know about until reading your blog.

    Thanks for all the update and sharing the excitement with all of us.

    You rock!!!!!!!

    I googled Winko's and it came up as The Official Star Wars Galaxy Community? Maybe the crazy guy was looking for the mother ship?

  17. OMGosh! I just found your blog today from a friend saying you had really great updates on Leadership and all this new stuff. You are hilarious! I will for sure be checking your blog daily now, seriously I almost peed myself when reading the jazz hands stuff.

    You are so making want to push myself harder to for sure be at Leadership next year! I can't wait! Thanks for all the great updates!

    Oh, and the mentos thing...hilarious! :)

  18. Lydia,

    OMG, you are so hilarious! Did the Winkos guy ever leave you alone? So darn funny, my eyes watered, and I LOL until my tummy hurt. Awesome pictures, thanks again for posting.

    Lisa Atha

  19. LMBO!!!! I came her as directed from one of my gf's....thanks for the great laugh that is ending an all to crazy GO GO GO day...winko's....what made me laugh so hard was I followed your thought process....cuz it would have been mine too....did I win it a game....LMBO!!! I'm saving you to fav's!!!

    SCS - strongcanadianbeauty

  20. Thanks for all the great pictures. I googled to find you. You are the only one with great stuff from Leadership. I do not qualify to go, so this is really fun. Keep up the good work!!!!

  21. Hey...I said Kinkos...don't I get a paper sampler??? LOL
    I alomost peed myself (OK I am older and less control) at the jazz hands story...OMG..then I ran to the bathroom and fell...with jazz hands flying!! LOL You should know I rarely laugh out loud even when I write LOL...but I do at mean at youR blog...
    Thanks for the giggles and life tips.

  22. Thanks for making my day start right. Nothing like coffee, oatmeal, leadership pictures and laughing my butt off to get me going. Thank you!

  23. I just noticed that Jazz Hands are also good for bidding a fond farewell to Mr Ken. It even appears that he is Jazzing back to you...*sniff*

  24. I have just started reading your blog. I found you on Splitcoast. OMG, I have never laughed so hard in my life. You are funny! I also was deeply moved by your post, and I feel a similar way. I recently felt lost in SU, but I am excited again. Keep up the great posts!

  25. You are great!!! Thank You so much for taking the time to get us all updated. You have made my week!!!

  26. Thanks for sharing so much of Leadership! At least I can be there vicariously! And I can't wait to get my hands on the new catalog.


  27. Eating sushi is hardly hard work, Lyida :P

  28. Thanks for all the pics!! It's a lot of work and I appreciate it!!

  29. Hi Lydia! I met you at the Missouri airport on the way to Convention last year. Have been "following" you, well your blog I guess, ever since. I was the one who's luggage was left behind somewhere... Never did find out what was in that HUGE tote either?!

    If you can teach me to have a wickedly wonderful sense of humor like you, I'm game!!! :)

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring!


  30. Sorry for my poor use of the English language.

    Who's instead of whose-in my previous post.

    Guess I need proof reading lessons too.



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