Sunday, January 25, 2009

Madagascar Bat and The Pom Pom

How cute is this guy????

You may have seen this card on Project Reanimate because the background is made with one of my meta stamps from Stampin' Up scraps.I love the wacky Valentines!! How sweet that they BOTH wrote a love letter!!!

To get him to hold his (his letter is actually a separate stamp), I used my craft knife to cut his little arms free. Then I slipped the letter in. Easy. Fun.

Splotchy's tail does not seem to hurt yet/still. I think the crook is a little worse. When I get back I'm going to call Texas A&M and see if there's an expert I can talk to.

But Splotchito is full of beans, racing around and making those wierd little coyote yips that completely crack me up.

Speaking of cracking me up, check out these pictures of Maddie. I bought this bag of adorable animal print pom poms for an eventual craft project. I thought they were very cool and had some artsy potential! However, when I brought them home, Maddie went NUTS. She started hoarding them. She'd come get one out of the bag, no matter where I hid it and she'd run off with it in her mouth. A minute later, she'd be back.

No matter where I hid them, she found them. She made little crying sounds when she got close to the bag.
She carries them around in her mouth all day.
Sometimes, she will put one in her mouth, run up to Splotchy, and growl a scary growl without ever dropping it. She's saying - "This is my pompom. There are many like it, but this one is mine."
She even breathes hard out her nose at ME when I take the pom pom.
Sometimes she tosses it up in the air by flicking her neck back. Then she catches it with her paws.The cone did not strain the cat/pom pom relationship in the least.

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  1. Good kitty! Just loved reading about this, made me laugh and smile this morning. Thanks.

  2. Oh, maybe someone at Texas A&M will be able to help Splotchy get straightend out!! ;) That's too cute though with Maddie and the pom-poms!

  3. I'm glad Splotchy doesn't have any pain with her tail. I have a friend who has a cat with a "broken" tail, and it is just a regular tail with a bump in it. Alarming at first, but after a while, you get used to it. It is unfortunate that it happened.

    Love the pics of Maddie, my psycho Nikita loves my SU! sponges and does the same thing. I have to go to her stash whenever I want to use them, because she has them all piled someplace.

  4. Maddie-Bat is just too funny. The more you described her actions, the more they sounded like my little bat-faced girl, Perdonna the Mighty Huntress, who does the same thing, only with half-dead furry things she brings in from outdoors. So be thankful that your only damage to the environment might be little tufts of pom-pom-ness, instead of blood, guts, bones, fur, and a decimation of one or more animal species.

  5. Your cats are too funny--I guess my Miss Pumpkin is too old to play around like they do--occasionally she'll bat around some embroidery floss dangling in front of her face. I will have to have my kitty fun vicariously through yours!

  6. You crack me up! :)
    Thanks for the laughs, even if it is at your own airplane riding expense!

  7. LOL! Those kitties are just too cute!

    BTW: I gave you an award on my blog today...go check it out ♥

  8. OMG-too funny!! Thanks for the update on lil Splotchy (still sending good thoughts) & your story about Maddie was a hoot! She sounds just like our "Buddy" when he has 1/2 a plastic Easter egg. He runs around with it, the great orange hunter-and often it's flipped upward over his nose as he prances around, quite proud of himself for conquering the plastic egg!

  9. We have a cat, his name is Ty, he loves Pom Poms. He loves them very much. He loves the blue the best. Yes, he loves poms.

    I liked seeing Maddie with her little head cone and the pom poms. She's a very cute kitty.


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