Friday, January 2, 2009

So Loved!

These two sure are.

This is a sneak peek from the new catalog sets Love you Much (the birdies) and Goody Goody Gumdrops (the greeting). I'll show you more from Goody Goody Gumdrops soon - it has a HILARIOUS owl in it and a ton of great greetings.

I decided to experiment with the Stampin' Up! Watercolor Pencils and Gamsol - odorless mineral spirits, just to see if you could get the same look as with other pencils.

Since these images were so small, I didn't really want to use water because I was afraid it would go outside the lines.

Gamsol and the little paper pencils you apply it with give you a lot more control over moving the pencil color around. Here you can see one birdie on the right, that I colored with my light and dark blue pencils, and then the birdie on the left has already been blended. That is some seriously simple coloring to get such a cool look, eh? Then you can see my paper pencil thingy blending the right birdie. It's really very easy.

I used the piercing template from the Mat Pack for the detail on the edge of the Brilliant Blue card base, but I used the Classy Brass Punches Plus template to pierce the little arc over the birdies.
The focal piece is Stampin' Up! Watercolor paper, uncut, and so are the little hearts punched with the new heart punch. I love that teeny one so much.

Speaking of teeny ones - I told you about fang fest - where suddenly there were cat teeth everywhere - just FLYING out of the felines!

Well you are not going to believe this - but MADDIE ALREADY GREW A NEW FULL SIZED FANG IN PLACE OF THE ONE SHE LOST!! A HUGE canine tooth just appeared where the hole was.

I'm starting to be afraid of them. I don't think they're cats at all. If you don't hear from me for a few days, I think you'll know I've been dragged back to the mother ship and probed by the cat aliens of the apocalypse. I should have known when I caught them walking upright and smoking, but I just thought they were advanced.

Hey - post some of your goals for this year if you feel like leaving a comment. Zany hopes & dreams welcome!

Have a great Monday.


  1. Fang Fest! LOL! Your two sound like built-in entertainment. My cat is an 'only cat' (loves people, but other four-leggers ... not so much), so I do not get the same opportunity for critter interaction.

    Love the birds! I finally broke down and pre-ordered the bundle, so I'll get to play with the birdies and heart punch myself here in another week or so. LOVE how you used the punched hearts. I thought that was dry-embossed! ;-)

  2. Nice job with the Gamsol...I was wondering if it would blend as well with SU pencils as it does with Prismacolors.

    My word for the day is "tangfun" that Maddie's play on "Fangfun"? Please don't let them drag you away...just keep buying them off with pom-pom mommies and various other toys that they can drag under the bed.

  3. Just be wary of their war bunker...I'm sure it's there in the house somewhere. Usually behind the couch, or maybe under a bed. Have you heard little cat whispers from any certain area of the house? I have found that the best way to "persuade" the feline is with a little catnip! Through some of that at them and see what happens! :) Good Luck...!

  4. LOVE THIS CARD. These birds look great (dare I say better) in blue. As far as fang fest I had a similar situation years ago with my fur balls. One attacked a plastic bag, full of plastic bags heading for the recycling center, and left it a bloody mess and there were several teeth sticking out of it when she was done.

  5. cute card! i'm getting that heart punch, for sure.

    one of my goals for this year is to be less presumptive and more easygoing. not quite a match to my personality, but i'm givin' it a whirl.

  6. Those birds look all glowy.

  7. Zany hope and dreams. Loose weight and learn self defense. With my new s++y bod I will have to learn self defense.
    Start taking trips back "home" to help my Dad clean out his house, garage and basement.
    Get the scooter that Dad gave me, back to my home. Talk my BFF into buying her own scooter. And have two T's, one stamped with "Born to be Wild" and the other "Easy Rider". I would let my friend choose which shirt she would want to wear. Hee hee.
    Can I add a wish list for what I would want DH to do? :O)


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