Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hey - 1985 Called

And it wants its stuff back.


But first, on the plane, where I'm terrified, as per usual, a little girl in front of me screams "NO NO NOOOOOOO" as the plane banks for landing. I think - yeah, me too sister. Wait - I know the Bernoulli principle - what are those flaps doing??? If they do that, no air goes under the wing - no air, no Bernoulli, no Bernoulli, no lift - no lift - FALL!!!! MOVE THE FLAPS - WAIT, DON'T - WHAT IS THAT NOISE????

But we made it. And saw all this wonderful water on the way in.
On the ground, I realize I apparently am time traveling. First, at the baggage carousel I see a youngish boy - 18 maybe, cute spiky hair, wearing a T-shirt with a large, stylized... cassette tape on it. I smile, and then realize I'm the only person in the baggage claim area that knows what it IS.

It's like me wearing a shirt with a TRILOBYTE on it. Only the freaky paleontologists would recognize it. OMG. He's wearing my past as a dinosaur on a t-shirt.

He probably thinks I'm coming here to Florida to die. He smiles compassionately.

Next, rental car. Little Jose from New York bonds with me over our east coast homeland, and inexplicably winks at me as he hands me my paperwork.

When I get to my car, I see why. Jose has upgraded me to an extremely sassy convertible luxury car. I love you Jose. *Wink*

However, upon requesting my key, I'm traumatized again.

This is my Blackberry Curve - known to be a large phone, and THIS IS MY CAR KEY. WTH???

Then in my room - and serious princess alert - the Rosen Plaza - not the cleanest hotel!!! - I go to blog and, uh - what is THIS??????????

1985 is really gonna need all its stuff back, in a Dolorean, with big hair and shoulder pads - STAT!!

K - gotta go meet my buddies who just got here. Tomorrow - PEEEEEEEEEEKS!!! Tonight - a pretty moon and a palm tree.

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  1. I think the key is so big so all of the old people can find it and use the buttons on it!! ;) You are cracking me up. Trilobyte!?!? I haven't heard of them in FOREVER!!!! he he he My husband is giving me strange looks now for giggling so I'd better move on.... :)

  2. First...this is your flight attendant speaking...
    You are safer in that plane than driving in Florida with the sun in your eyes and a lot of 90 year olds on the road. (Picture of your car please?? Sounds cool)

    Second... I just read about those t-shirts somewhere on a funky fashion newsletter or something....they are the new cool for the "too young to remember" crowd
    Keep 'em coming!!! :-)
    My catalogue shipped today! YooHoo

  3. Oh. My. WORD! I am so stalking you! In a non-healthy-catalog-deprived sort of way. ;-)

  4. OMGosh! I am sitting here laughing like a crazy woman! That key is HUGE! hee hee! I hope your having fun! And if you want to share any new pictures from the catalog with me, PLEASE FEEL FREE TOO! lol
    Have fun my friend!

  5. LOL...A Trilobyte!!! On a T-Shirt???? WOW...and yes...1985 was an awesome year...and that key! Is that some sort of alien Crackberry device? Look at all of those buttons! Too complicated....and a *Luxury* convertible??? Lucky you! And yes...the weather was cold here today, but sunny! Too many ands in this comment....gotta gooo...C-Ya!


  6. Oh. My. Goodness.

    You know, old-timer, since you are scoping out some prime Florida landscape on which to shake loose of your mortal coil, I hear Boca is nice. ROFLLLLLLL!!!!!

    You know what they say, that kid may be young and sassy, but you are old and have better insurance!

    Have so much fun, I will be cyber-stalking you all day tomorrow, so please do not disappoint me.

  7. Lydia,

    You are too funny. Gotta love ya. I can't wait to see what you see. I will be cyber-stalking you too.

    Lisa A.

  8. You are freaking hilarious! lol

    Have fun...I'm jealous...I loved Leadership last year.

  9. Hahahaha! My bil is still in college right now- when I talk to him about things from my youth I have to first check to make sure he knows what I am talking about. Sad.

  10. LMBO! OMG I can't stop laughing.

    Love it!

    And THANK YOU for the spoilers- keep 'em comin'! :o)


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