Saturday, January 3, 2009

~Hey Honey

I've decided to make some of my cards that I post little digital awards to comments that make me smile.

So this card is awarded to Anonymous, who said my birdies "look all glowy."

~Hey honey.

This is my challenge card for Shelli's Creative Challenge.

A few more items of note..

I'm headed to Leadership for Stampin' Up! in Orlando on Tuesday so make sure you are subscribed to my blog either in your reader or via email (see sidebar) so that you can get my crackberry updates and photos from THE NEW CATALOG and fabulous projects that await us there!! Pray for Maddie who will miss me squeezing her tight while she sleeps during the blogging hours, and Splotchy who kisses me in my sleep every morning from about 3:30 to 4.
I'm sad I have to leave them for a few days because then next weekend is the big surgery for them both. :( I hate that. I don't want to hurt them. Don't worry I won't surprise you with any gross pictures of stitches or anything. This is a pretty blog. :)

Next - I am having a Google Reader Webinar tomorrow night at 6 PM CST. The cost is $5 and you will learn how to organize all your favorite blogs (yes, I know you look at other blogs *sniff*) in a convenient reader and get all those email subscriptions out of your inbox. Retrieve blog posts by keywords that you design and have access to them forever!! Click this paragraph to register and you will receive a Paypal request for the fee. When that is complete, you will receive email instructions for the webinar - you will watch my computer screen live from your computer and be able to ask questions throughout the event.

Happy Saturday. I went to the most magical wedding last night. I love winter weddings with friends.


  1. So cute, Lydia!! Love all of the bees!!

    Have a safe and fun trip!!

  2. I bet you big buck$ that card is a winner! Its adorable, and I think right up Shellis alley! lol

  3. I HAVE to get that stamp set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So cute and I love your card =)

  4. What a cool sentiment to go with this stamp set! Love it!



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