Saturday, January 17, 2009

I can't help it - I'm Irish :(

I can't. I absolutely can never change what I'm about to tell you. I can't. Don't even try.
In addition to having the following Irish traits passed down through my gene pool:

  • An incessant urge to giggle during most waking hours, resulting in D-hall, various expulsions from official events and lots of belly aches.
  • A love of parties
  • An affinity for the written and spoken word
  • An addiction to all things dairy
  • A natural gift for the limerick
I also got.....

DOOM! You Irish readers know what I'm talking about. Those of you who are not - let me give you a quick version of Irish DOOM.

Someone is 5 minutes late and you think - they're dead.

7 minutes - they're not only dead, they were decapitated.

9 minutes - you're fairly certain their head was used as a soccer ball in some horrible zombie grudge match.

12 minutes - you can practically HEAR the zombies on your street.

It's just what we do. We are terrible worriers, with the added extraordinary flair for the dramatic story.

So, when I finally did get to catch some winks today while the beasts were sleeping, I would half wake every few minutes, CERTAIN that their silence meant that the poor little creatures lifeless bodies were strewn around the insanely large soft kennel I bought them for their recovery. (I can crawl in there with them it's so huge. Thank God it folds up. I've got ten pounds of cat in a 500 pound bag!!!)

I imagined them spontaneously dying of some rare spay complication, possibly involving the disappearance of their tails or ears, and so what do I do?

Get up, frantic, every ten seconds, go look at them, which, of course, wakes them up, and then I do crazy cat juggling for two hours and get nothing done.

I just did it again right now. I can't help it! WHAT IF THEY ARE DEAD IN THERE? SLEEPING LOOKS A LOT LIKE DEAD.

I'm gonna be worthless next week.

Anyway, here's a card that maybe will bring some peace!

It's my winter white... See that cool embossed flower? Yeah baby - that's the new Embosslits die that embosses and cuts at the same time. I love it so much.

The letters for thank you is also an SU! Sizzix die that I only had to run through once to get the letters I needed.

Everything is popped up on dimensionals. I think it's so pretty and simple.

Now I have to go see if my kitties are dead. :D I hope there isn't a zombie in there.

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  1. gorgeous card, absolutely gorgeous!

    Really?? REALLY?? A picture of kitty in a collar. you're killing me, this isn't legal, it's just not legal. Please stop or I will report you to the Too Cute for Words Police!

    being english I understand the doom. I feel for you. I really do. Must go check on DH to make sure he's still breathing, must find mirror to go under his nose.

  2. ROTFLMAO....ROTF (still) LMAO...OMG...I think we were seperated at birth..I knew it was true when my brother told me I was the adopted one when we were kids.

    That list at the beginning
    # An incessant urge to giggle during most waking hours, resulting in D-hall, various expulsions from official events and lots of belly aches. forgot about giggles in church!!! how about this...the priest was blessing our house in Ireland, my brother and I on our knees in front of him in the living room, he sprays the hold water and hits us full on with can just imagine the giggling...which also affected my mum (the world's worst offender of giggling in religious settings)....and slowly spread to the rest of the family...we will all go to hell I know...
    # A love of parties ..HUH? doesn't everyone love a party..
    we had a real WAKE for my dad!
    # An affinity for the written and spoken word..
    hello??? blogger!
    # An addiction to all things dairy...
    preferable made with Irish milk please
    # A natural gift for the limerick..
    UM..I was BORN in Limerick!! LOL

    Word of the in
    ESSEN't it wonderful being Irish?

  3. You just crack me up!!! I'm sure they're NICE zombies!!! I mean, why does everyone always think they're mean and scary and stuff. Maybe they just can't talk very well and they're holding their arms out to hug you and stuff??!?! ;)

  4.'re killing me!!!!!

    I'm also Irish, have you seen my name...Shannon...

    So I'm right there with you ont he giggling, partying, doom, etc. And like Sue said giggling in church or other inappropriate times, like funerals! Oops! Can't help's in my blood.

    Oh, and the party, I mean wake, we had for my grandma. We had alcohol in the back room of the funeral home. What is with that? ;-) But I know she would have apprecited it.

    I'm sure your babies are fine. And you'll be fine too! Now go check on them, then take a nap.


  5. Looked every where I just can't find something with a WORRY WART on it ha ha ha Your fur babies will be just fine and back to normal real soon. Opps almost forgot they aren't normal are they? You know I am kidding sweetie, get some rest. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  6. Those kitties are just fine. But I know all about the worrying I too am Irish and sometimes that worrying thing is a curse. My hubby has got to be the most laid back person I have ever met so now I have to worry for us both. He doesn't understand. I love him all the same. Hugs and kisses to those babies and hope for a fast recovery. Stacy

  7. Here's a tip of a pint of Guiness to your Irish genes. Nothing quite like an Irish Farm Girl.

  8. Oh Lydia, you are just so funny! Your babies will be just fine, I promise! I help out with our local non-profit spay and nueter program and foster kittens. They get fixed and we've never had a problem (they don't have to wear those silly collars either!). I know how you worry though-I do too. Get some rest, the zombies will be at your door for the new catty in a couple hours. They will not hurt you or the fur babies-they just need stamps. ;)

  9. Lydia, You always make me chuckle!

    I'm Irish too, well way back and I'm with you on the worry thing. I always have to do a head count before I leave, when I get back and before I go to bed, just in case one my little beasties have somehow managed to disarm the chime on all the doors and windows, grow thumbs and be able to open the doors to escape or they have stumbled upon a teleporting machine that has teleported them outside. (Actually DH does shut them in closets and cabinet occasonally so I do need to check)

    I love the picture of Maddie & Splotchy in the cone collars. You definatly need to share them on lolcats! When my girls got spayed, they didn't get cat cone collars. I guess the collars keep their minds off the spay. The hardest part for me, was like you worrying and having to keep them isolated and not sleeping with me in bed. I think, no I know, it was harder on me than on them. Your girls will be back to normal in no time and will be heathier and sager for bing spayed.

  10. Don't forget about the luck part. I am blessed with very bad and very good luck- no middle ground. I get rear-ended- 3rd degree whiplash- I get my first tattoo in Dublin (I was 36) and leaving the tattoo parlour I bump into Debbie Harry from Blondie. If it isn't the most ridiculous thing happening to me that later makes for the best tales that leave everyone in stitches saying "only you Andrea, this stuff only happens to you" I am walking away from an event with a huge amount of prizes in my arms with my friends green with envy at my prize winning luck- again.

    Hee hee, and I share the doom. And here I thought I was just morbid with an active imagination- turns out i'm just normal :0) whatever that is LOL

  11. O M Gosh!!! I just LOVE your incredible sense of humor and I look forward to reading your blog daily. I've been praying for your babies. I'm sure they'll heal just fine. I am the same way with my fuzzy babies. One of my cats had surgery several years ago and I was so worried about not doing everything "just right," that I paid the vet to take him home the first night and make sure he was "really" okay through the night. When kitty came home, I went wayyyy beyond being a worry wart!!! Yes, I even held him while he used the litter box, and I took him out when he was done. Is that normal??? :) I hope you get some rest. I'm sure they will heal nicely. Hugs!

  12. Lydia,

    You are priceless! Irish genes must be strong. I have a great grandma that was Irish, and that's it. What is that 1/8 Irish? It must be a Czech thing too. My grandma was 100% Czech and worried about everything. Me, well, lets just say that I worry so much I take medication for anxiety. Tis a family curse! My husband 75% Irish, and a huge worrier. Kitties will be fine, and back to their beestie selves in no time. Awesome card!

    Lisa Atha

  13. Ah, the Irish Gloom and Doom. It's not enough to worry, it's better to feed everyone in the room while you tell them all the horrible ways things will go wrong!

    I'm a horrible giggler, always at the wrong time. I have this terrible sense of maudlin humor that has never been good for me. I come by it honestly because my grandmother (her father was off the boat, lol) will just randomly spurt out some horrible theory and I'm just so used to it now that I generally agree with her or even worse, elaborate on the idea!

    If you're still having trouble with the cats, take a pair of stockings, cut the legs and make some bands. Slide the bands over their little bellies and it keeps the incision covered but air can still get to it for healing. I had to do this with my Beagle. Constantly licking at the wound and trying to pull at the stitches. My friend is having the same issue with her cat. Unfortunately, this cat is deaf so there's no way to distract her! They'll be fine soon enough!

  14. My maiden name is German.. "Leiker". Pronounced " like her"- we can get into that later except I thought about hyphenating my name with my first marriage- Leiker-Pickle. Go figure.

    The ENTIRE rest of my family is Irish- with names like "Carlin", "Curliss" and "Mckeever". My children's names are "Carson Mckeever and Kelly Irene".

    Here's a little ditty by one of my most fav. docs. that I used to work with- Dr. McKintyre- again. go figure!

    There was an old woman named "Leiker"
    Her language was much like a biker--
    She's such a mess,
    she's got PMS.
    But, all in all, I sill like her.

    Would you believe, I KYDIA not- my
    word is "hyper". I can't even think now;)!

  15. Oh, dear, NOW I know why I act/think this way ... it's the damn Irish in me!!

    However, it's sooo good to know that I'm not alone in my affliction ... this one, anyway.

    Love your winter-white card!


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