Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wascally Woving - CHA Day 2

Look at these felted cupcakes!!! The lady who was felting was at the Martha booth and she called the roving "woving" which I thought was adorable!!!!! That wascally woving makes weally cute cupcakes!!
I'm going to have to break this post up because Disneyland is jamming our internet and Kydia is NOT happy about the mouse interfering with her PRESSDUTIES!!!

Kydia will write a scathing expose in the New York Times, she will. HMPH.

The Ranger product displays were gorgeous

I have no idea what company this was but is this stuff not adorable??

The big old bucket of Primas! All you can grab in ten seconds!!
I want to try this copper engraving
Look at these stunning velvet trims
This is an enamel technique. Take a simple outline sticker and turn it into something stunning with Sakura Glaze Pens. The Sakura people were awesome.
They let us do the same technique with a yoyo.
Oh - ooopsie! The place caught on fire and we all headed to the nearest exit.
These are iron ons!! The black ones are glittery!!
Look how cute they are on fabric!

WOW - Peel and stick chalkboard and dry erase board. This stuff is COOL and very thin. Repositionable and it doesn't hurt your walls!
Martha's birds ROCK.
Aah - Martha's blue cameos. Hey - all her punches are green now. I'm not jazzed. The white is prettier.
Oooh - a Martha glittery bird.
The Holy Grail my friends. The EK stackable folding punches. Two of them aren't even as big as a regular punch!!
You can stack them on a surface or vertically, and YOU get to put the image stickers on after you decide which way you want to store them!
Here's the bottom. That little blue thing is what you slide to release it from the collapsed position and use it.
Here it is popped up. Looks like a stapler.
This is a prototype of a new airbrush gun.. The pigment is in that little packet. This means the pigment doesn't go through the gun so you don't have clean it! Loved it.
Here's what I made in my embossing metal class!! Oh, wait - no it's not - it's the teacher's sample. Heh heh. Fooled u.
Here's mine halfway through.
Here's my finished one. No it's not. Lied again. What a great class!! The class was taught by a lady named Magdalena who is from Mexico who now lives in Dallas - she is amazing.She is the owner of MercArt.
More me. I'm not very good but it was fun.
K. Gotta go for today's show.


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  1. Did the EK punches reach in farther on the paper? Looks like it


  2. What are you talking about - your metal embossing thing looks fabulous! Have I told you that I love your blog(s)? I haven't commented lately, but I've been reading faithfully and you make me so tempted to drive the 50 measley miles to Anaheim to check out all the awesome goodies myself. Too bad I have to work!

  3. OMG,OMG,OMG! I have to get that airplane punch when it comes out- did I say OMG?

    I worked at that vet place with a Checkoslavakian Dr. he couldn't pronounce his "v"'s. They would leave his mouth as "w"'s. We did all the surgeries/spays/neuters in the morning.

    Sooooooooo- he would tell me to go get his next "wictim"- I'd start giggling- he'd get mad. He'd tell me that a puppy or kitten was "wirgin" and I'd da#@ near fall on the floor in hysterics. Really, Kydia, I did leave that place on my own. I wasn't fired for being "wolatile" or anything.

  4. Holy, Carp! I might have to buy me some foldable punches. Sigh ...

  5. so much fun! glad you got press credentials!!

    love your metal art piece - i think it looks great - stop beating yourself up!! *grin*

    those primas - how many did you get? probably some crazy rule about getting them into a bag or something right? Therefore ruining the scoop up a ton with both arms and run like a madwoman!!

    thanks for sharing all the sneak peeks!

  6. I'd think in 10 secs I could grab that whole bucket of Primas and just make a run for it...LOL!
    You're making me sooooo jealous! I'm thinking I might have to get a *real* job to pay for all the stuff I've seen that I want! That embossed metal looks AWESOME....love it ♥

  7. Awesome oics. Your embossing looks great! I can't wait to hear how it is done.

  8. I {wove} that woving! Did I tell you how bad my kitten is???? She steals the woving right out of the craft room, grabs it in her mouth and takes off "wunning"! I can't keep her out of the stuff!


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