Sunday, January 18, 2009

If Life gives You Nancy Drew - Make Lemonade!!

Okay - I got a few hours of sleep last night - so I'm all peppy!

I laughed so hard when I read all your comments on my Irish post. You guys are hilarious!! (and mostly Irish, strangely enough!)

Well I made some more background stamps and a few projects with them. To see the making of the stamp I used, click here.

The first card is all summery and tart because I can't wait for it to get HOT. So I decided to revive an oldy but a goodie - the 3D glass. You may have seen these on cards where the glass is made out of vellum, which is super cool and looks like the drink is cold and has condensation. I remember the first time I saw one of those and thought - BRILLIANT. And so easy.

But I'm still working with the inside of that Nancy Drew book I reanimated. The pages are still so white and clean looking. So my glass is filled with words.

Do you recognize the image I used to make the lemon? Hmm?? It's actually the center of a flower from the new Petal Pizazz set!! I just stamped it and punched it out with my 1 3/8" circle punch. Cool, eh?The lemon slice is garnished with Diamond Dust. I love how it sparkles.
The second card is Valentine themed card that I did some fun things on. The details are posted on Project Reanimate.

Hope your Sunday was fabby!

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  1. What a cool way to use the heart punch. I'm gonna have to show that at my class next week.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well you sold me on the punch. Which is what usually happens after I see cool stuff done.

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  4. That's too funny about the lemon!! I looked at that flower and thought the center looked like an orange, but never thought to just cut the darn scallops off to make it one!!!! Also that's a great idea with the Heart to Heart punch - thanks for sharing them!!

  5. You are just too clever ... love that wordy glass.

  6. what excellent ideas. Not having these items I never would have thought of them but now that I see this I may need to get them. Thanks for sharing.


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