Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Anaheim Hates the Google Net

Seriously. For some bizzare reason, you cannot use wireless internet here. My last blog post took 2.5 hours. That's why I didn't do one last night. It doesn't matter how you try to connect - wifi card, hotel wireless, whatever, the Mouse blocks you. My sister theorized that the Mouse says "Look. You came all the way out here to go to Disneyland, by God you are not sitting in your hotel noodling around on the intergoogle." Well I'm sorry, but there is no way that someplace that you can't get on the internet qualifies as the hap-hap-happiest place on earth.

However, I will say that Anaheim is right up there with Memphis on the friendliness of the people. The were crazy Texas friendly and I loved it.

OMG - my posts are backwards - Look BELOW the monkey post for my first Monday pics!!

But on with the show. Here is some more from Monday. I will photoshop Tuesday's goodies down at Gate 2 shortly, so talk amongst yourselves until then.

Okay - Frank - check this out. Maui Wowie shrimp salad. Feel free to post in OmniNet!!

Here's a man who was really feeling his oats at CHA. I tried to find some of these for myself, as they now seem very much a necessity, but alas, no findy.
I toyed with the idea of making you think I invented these.. but Martha did. Have you ever seen cuter pipe cleaner animals? I must have these!!
These are also Martha.
This is the Glue Glider. It's an adhesive runner, but the adhesive is divided into 1/16" segments for very precise application. Me likey.
Options was one of my favorite booths. They have drop dead gorgeous storage and totes. My friend and generous hostess here, Lisa, won a huge sassy brown suede bag from them. *Sigh*

Here is my painting from my watercolor/pastel class. It was so fun. I did an oil painting class yesterday using the Bob Ross Method that I will show the results of in the next class.
A good teacher makes it all easy!!

The booths from China had hilarious names. I thought immediately of Sue Farrant and Lisa Page when I saw this one - I can just hear them using this in a sentence. If that woman doesn't stop stamping black into my yellow ink pad I'm going to Magi-Wap her into next week!

The all also had the strange punctuation with the period + comma. So others were like "John's Super Good Craft Products for Joy., Inc., Ltd., LLC., Etc.,
This company produces all their paper lines with one note shaped piece in each pack.
And these STUNNING vintage chipboard buttons, blackberry not included.
This flower was made from their paper crepe ribbons.
Aah - the holy Grail - Basic Grey's Marrakech line. You would get misty if you saw it IRL.
LOVE this idea!! Put your hands together!!
I know this looks weird, but it's made with an awesome product - GLASS BEAD GEL!! WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!! SO CLEAN AND EASY - NO MORE BEEDZ ON THE FLOOR!

These pillows were made with rub-ons from Hambly - an awesome booth with great transparencies.
Here is a bracelet from the Pentel make & take - just made with markers!
Here's the one I made.
The red is this COOL Chalk marker - very fun to use!!
OH - this must be what Maddie sees when she looks at a pom pom!!!
This skirt made out of thread (wear undies, ladies!!) was at the DMC booth. Stunning.
This cool punch has a magnetic base so you can move the punch around anywhere on your paper!

I just thought this muffin tin with pewter findings was beautiful.
Here's the glue gun with the wax for making wax seals. I just loved these seals. The go through the mail without breaking.
Felt stickers from Prima.
This was made with Fimo clay. It just glowed. The Fimo artist was one of the most talented people I saw. Great lady.
And finally, more Ranger eye candy.
I talked to Shelli for a bit - she and Sterling were warm and friendly as always, and that was the first time my sister got to meet her. Kristina Werner was there as well, and so it was fun to see the SU! gang.

I'm sad that my friend Lisa just got on her plane. We were both saying that we already felt like we knew each other when we met this trip. She is hilarious and just as sweet in person.

Head over to her blog - Flatfish Paper Arts - for more pictures and show info. She saw totally different things than I did.

Now it's time to move to my real gate and start photoshoppings, so TTFN.

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. I love everything you made!!! How fun!

  2. My knees are weak. I MUST HAVE IT ALL! Sigh.

    WV: grabstri - If I go to CHA, do ya think they'd notice if I grabstri'd some goodies?

  3. Lydia, I nominated you for two awards on my blog today - the I love your Blog award and the Friends blog award, because anyone who would blog tirelessly from leadership AND CHA is a friend of mine. Mickey be damned! Feel free to pass on the love - or not.

  4. You were right- How did you know that I've needed a word like "Magi-Wap" in my vocabulary for so long? I've done some research on CHA- just might have to attend the next one (I think it's in Orlando-could be wrong). TFS all the great pics.

    Gotta go- all these pics don't want to make me slap my momma, they make me want to magi-wap her.

  5. P.S. That guy with the purple thingy on his head looks like he's already been magi-wapped. So do the Maddie's pom-pom wannabees.

    Oh geez, my WORD: piddyna

    Kydia, do you need to piddyna before boarding the plane?

  6. LOL! Still jealous...why don't we have something like this in Australia? Seriously thinking about moving to the I just gotta see if one of those fancy universities will accept me...pmsl!!!!

  7. Oh my gosh, you did a totallyi awesome job on that watercolor painting! Completely cute bracelet too! Awesome photos you have shared with us, thanks so much for all of the eye candy. Now if I could only find that winning lottery ticket before all of this hits the stores....Haha.

    Lisa Atha

  8. Wow... what a wonderful and fun way to shop! Love your coloring samples and beautiful product preview pics too!
    -Sharon F / CreatedByU

  9. there is no way i'm buying that martha created pipe cleaner animals. although i do admit she has a great staff that finds incredible things for her to put her name on!
    thanks again for all the wonderful posts on CHA - it was *almost* like being there
    OH - and your watercolor - magnificent! can't wait to see the oil one!!

  10. HaHa...I am always taking pictures of funny signs...but Japan is the best place for them...they print T=shirts with the strangest things on them..LOL

    Oh..BTW..are you guangzhou us what Magi Wap really was?

    WV: not guangzhou! LOL
    CHILZOI as a naughty kid...
    CHILZOI will smak ya!


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