Sunday, January 11, 2009

The TSA Touched my Owls (& a sneak peek!!)

Yeah, for the 856,432th time, my luggage was "randomly selected for hand inspection." Just like I get "randomly selected" for the biblical knowledge sessions in the glass box at the end of the conveyor belt.

I know you know I have owls. I know you want to paw them.

I feel thoroughly violated. Everything in my suitcase was randomly tossed around, in a totally different order, not safely stowed, blocked and protected as I had it. I'M A VIRGO DANG IT.

Why do they x-ray what goes on with us, but paw what goes underneath? Why don't they just x-ray all of it? Or if pawing is safer than x-raying, or x-raying is safer than pawing, how bout we do one or the other? I don't like the pawing, but I don't like the surprise of THE NOTE (play dramatic music in your head when you read that) in my suitcase either. And I don't typically let people who don't know me touch my owls!!!

I have thought about what I could do with the large stack of these TSA love notes. I'll have to do a Project Reanimate ditty about them.

Anyway, I think I have everything. And my Make & Takes are safe!

And I told you Maddie would like that Memento Mall Flamingo! She didn't even let me take the tag off!

Now, in all the excitement, I forgot to tell you about two very special people I met, in addition to Naomi (Sassy Laptop Girl). The first, at lunch on Day One - Janet Baker. If her name doesn't sound familiar to you, would it mean something if I told you she is DEMONSTRATOR #2!?!?!

That's right, the second demo ever, and also Shelli's aunt. She is a lovely woman, very successful, and obviously, she stamps for a living - she has a thriving business, and after twenty years, the same passion and enthusiasm the rest of us have. That was really cool.

Now, if you know anything about me, you know that I love a good laugh. I love people who make me laugh, and I especially love people who have infectious and frequent laughs.

Waiting in the lobby for my buds, I plopped down in a chair across from two stampers I didn't really get a good look at. But I kept hearing one of them laughing this bubbly, warm laugh and so I looked. And dang it if it wasn't Patty Bennett! I love her, and I'm sure you do too - she is the woman who does magical things with her Big Shot and shares the most incredible tutorials. Well, she is just as charming and sweet in real life, and is so patient and generous with her time answering my frequently stupid policy questions :). So it was a real pleasure to meet her.

Of course, it's a pleasure to meet everyone at these things. What nice people they are.

Okay - you've waited long enough for your peek. This is the new Rustic Rooster Level 2 Hostess Set. I love this style of set and always miss my roosters when they retire!This is a Basic Grey card base, cut the long way. I stamped the French background stamp in the set in White Craft ink.

I stamped the Rooster in black on Basic Grey and then colored it with red, orange, mustard, green and white Stampin' Up! Watercolor pencils. I did the white as an afterthought, and I think it really makes the colored section pop a little more. It also gives it a chalkboard look which I think is cool.

Then I took the Candy Lane DSP from the Love You Much bundle and here's what I did. I put the cut piece with the rooster on it down onto the DSP until it was framed with the dots the way I wanted it. If I'd cut the DSP first, the dots wouldn't have symmetrically surrounded it. Then I put it in the trimmer and carefully cut it where I wanted the patterns to be.
I love that rope from the holiday mini, so I tied that on. It's very thick though, so I doubled up on my dimensionals to mount the focal piece. To do this, just adhere your first dimensional, take the paper off, stick the second one down and you're all set. You could do three - however many you need. I just used two so that I could clear the rope on the front of the card.

I hope you're having a great lazy Sunday. I need to get organized, get my toes done, go to the gym and hopefully sleep. I'd settle for getting just two of those crossed off the list!!

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)


  1. I'd go for getting the sleep and getting your toes done as the TWO things you need to get done today! Lisa, Scorpio, Kydia, Virgo- supposed make a great combo. Congrats on your publication! I'm shopping today and will pick it up. I CANNOT get things straight. I am constantly telling viewers in my blog "look past the crookedness"! Hey, guess what? I'm going to San Antonio on the 24th for SCS Shoebox Swap- 50 cards! Look for it on SCS. I think there a couple of spaces left. Yeah, on the way back from convention last year I got to experience the indignity of being personally violated by the air in that glass box at the airport in SLC. I missed my original flight and I guess they figured that I might have had time to plant a bomb inside my make n' takes. Glad you're back. You'll never guess what my word is: creatchi. Do you want to "creatchi"z to go with that sheet meat?

  2. No manila envie waiting for you when you got home?? geesh pony express was way faster. Now didn't I tell you your luggage would arrive safely?? They just had to see what that crazy lady was bringing home kidding you sweetie. :o) Get those toes done and some sleep now. Hugs n' stuff, Lynne

  3. I'm voting with the other smart ladies here...get your toes done and take a nap, woman! I am thankful you didn't get a TSA agent who has a SU wife...or that catty might have been history. I am so glad that the little owls all made it home safely, as well as the make and takes.

    Little Miss and I always get the touchy-feely pat down when we fly, too. I guess there is something about!

    Talk to you later...pick a pretty toe color!

  4. I really enjoy your blog. Glad you had a great time. I know about airports from living overseas. I will visit often! Have a grat day!

  5. The nerve of the TSA! Bah! I'd feel violated, too.

    Take it easy! You deserve it after all that crackberry-ing you did for us last week!

    Lisa - I had to laugh at your comment "look past the crookedness". That is my mantra!!!!

  6. i totally hear your rant on the tsa stuff. Actually don't mind them looking but dang it if you open it up and look at it I expect to all be the way it was don't go messin around in there and then leave it a mess. being a virgo too I have things in certain places for reasons grrrrrr

  7. You are frickin' hilarious! Love your blog and your art. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Flamingo's and Roosters all in one post? Sounds like your kitties have passed on a bird fixation! Gorgeous card as always and I love the tip about how to get the dots where you want them!

    So did TSA scare the scat out of your baby owls (talk about a mess!)?

    Love your euphemism for strip search. My Aunt who is a missionary gets yanked every time and my mom (her sister) who brings home fresh pressed olive oil from Greece in unsealed coke bottles never gets a second glance. Must be the Pakistani and Bangladeshi visa stickers and stamps in my Aunt's passport. But really, a bible carrying 5'2", 80 pound woman in shorts and sandels - what is she going to hide where!

    Hope your camera made it home intact. Mine when traveling by air always gets accused of manufacturing explosives and wiped down to within an inch of its digital life with swabs that turn alarming shades of color no one will explain!

    Keep on keeping on sister demo and get some rest. Once the catalog goes on line you're going to need it!

    PS: I think the blog fairies have weird ideas about me. My last two words: "hiturin" - either they think I'm a Broadway star or they are getting way too personal (neither is my name Turin). And the second (yours) "askedro" - So who's edro and what should I ask him? - and is his brother a black round guy with a prominent number 8!

  9. Thanks for making me laugh! I love to read what you write. And then the great stuff you stamp is just a bonus!

  10. Thanks for your kind words!! It was a pleasure meeting you too!! What a week!! :) Patty

  11. So, I totally think you need to make yourself a new luggage tag, and on the one side, re-purpose that paper!!!


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