Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kydia's Prayer (And some of your prayers answered!!)

Dear Lord -

Please protect my suitcase. It is full of paper samplers. My catalog. (LADIES - STOP YELLING - I'M CARRYING A LOT OF STUFF AND I'M REALLY SHORT - I HAD TO SHED SOME WEIGHT SO I DON'T HAVE TO HAVE BACK SURGERY!!) There are hundreds of defenseless baby chipboard owls in there. There are sweet little birdies. Make and takes.

Bestow winkos on those comoloso baggage handlers so that they are infused with gentleness and compassion for my fluffy pink Stampin' Up! flamingo that my little Maddie is waiting to tear limb from limb.

Do not allow my perfume to break and ruin those cute bookmarks.

Grant me the patience and serenity not to rip open my suitcase on the conveyer belt in Austin and kiss each safe little owl on the beak and have the white coats haul me away.

Please miracle about $2000 bones into my checking account.

And Lord - help me understand why crazy things happen to me, that make people think I exaggerate! Well, maybe I exaggerate, but still - crazy things happen to me.

For example, only Kydia sees crazy fish like this, showing her their buck teeth and saying "Hey Baby" in a Barry White voice at restaurants at Leadership, am I right? Okay - maybe the Barry White part was an exaggeration - but this is a crazy fish!!!
Now - on to YOUR prayers!!

I will start by giving away three paper samplers. Maybe 4. Okay, 4.

First - to my downline. They announced the Promotion Commotion at Leadership - you can earn an extra $50 product bonus in ADDITION to the current promotion incentives - this is a crazy time - for promoting to supervisor or above.

So the first member of my downline to promote, beginning with today, receives a paper sampler!!

The member of my downline with the highest FEBRUARY sales - I'll give you a chance to take advantage of the new catalog and the beginning of Sale-A-Bration - will receive a paper sampler.

To downline I do not have yet - the first person to sign up as a demonstrator with me will receive a paper sampler.

To my fellow demos. The first demonstrator (you have to prove you are a demo to me somehow) to guess my favorite set from the new catalog will receive a paper sampler!! The deadline for this guess will be January 20th to give you all time to snuggle with the catalog.

To customers and potential customers - the first person to place a $100 order from the new catalog will receive free shipping on their order, as well as a little goodie bag with some of the new products!

The first person to place an online order of $30 or more will receive a little assortment of chipboard!

That's round 1!! Hopefully there's something for everyone there!

The Downline Downlow (My downline newsletter) will have some goodies in it as well for the start of the new catty, so get ready!!

And in all seriousness - pray for the safe travel home of all your fellow stampers!

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)


  1. OH get the heck out I'm first at guessing... hmmm maybe Classic Sketches? I don't have a catty yet..sniff,sniff but I did see that one :) lol.. I'm a lone ranger demo in the sea of hundreds who want to be worthy of such an amazing gift.. Ok so I exaggerate too a little ok allot! lol

    Thank you again for making Leadership so fun no matter where we were drooling :)


  2. My guess is that you favorite set in the new catalog is Manhattan Flowers. I don't have my catty yet either, so enjoy it for me! My demo number is 51062, and I can send a photo of the home page of the demo website once I've logged in to prove it.

  3. I emailed you this too, but to be fair so no one else wastes their guess:

    Cute and Cudly is my guess. For everyone else- take a look. The bear and the bunny are both trying to do jazz hands! No, they don't have fingers, but the effort is there! And the phrase "I'm kind of a big deal!" Too funny!

    Good luck all!

  4. Oh, heck, I'll just guess... Thoughts & Prayers. That tree is fabulous, and I always like your work, so could we possibly have the same taste?

    How many times can I guess?? LOL

  5. Hope you have arrived home safely with your luggage all intact. :)
    My guess to your fav new set is the Good Friend one with the adorable bird! Your fav die cut-the owl (or maybe the 3-d cake?).
    Thanks for all the awesome updates!
    has link to my SU site to prove I am a demo :)

  6. Stay safe and have a nice trip home!!! How fun that you're giving so many paper samplers away. Lucky winners!!

    PS- that fish is hilarious!!!

  7. OMG....that fish is priceless! I send you lots of safe wishes for you and your precious cargo for the travel home.

  8. I think someone already said this, but I am going to vote for Manhattan flowers. You had LOTS of pictures of it. But if they had a new set called "Jazz hands" that would be the one! I am a demo, a very new one, but a demo all the same. :)

  9. Thank you so much for the sneak peeks and the giggles. I've really enjoyed it.

    I'm guessing "Branch Out"!

    Hoping my catties arrive in the next day or two.

    - Ann

  10. OMG-----I can't remember when I have laughed so hard. Thank you for the pictures, the updates and the laughs. E-mail me your address. I would love to send you a card.

  11. I'm a fellow demo (I'll share my website:

    It's the new Manhattan Flowers...I hope!


  12. Thank you so much Lydia for the updates, I'm a demo in the UK and it's so fab to see all the wonderful stuff you are getting, I hope lots of the goodies make it into our catalogue.

    My guess is Sip by Sip you seem to love Starbucks as much as me..........

    I hope you have a safe journey home

  13. Fellow demo here...I would have said "Thoughts and Prayers", but since that's been said, I might as well guess something that hasn't been about "Trendy Trees" 'cuz I think it's so adorable!

  14. AMEN to your prayer! I hope you make it home safely. I can't wait to get my catalog in the mail and then I can play in your game!!!!

  15. Lydia - Your comments about the bathroom slipping sign made me laugh out loud -thanks!
    Just wanted to tell you that last year I hand cut something just like the pop up beach ball die cut and made a twelve month calendar - one month on each face - it popped up (rubber bands inside) when you took it out of the envelope - I am so excited not to have to hand cut with scissors this year!! This is my first time on your blog - I'll be back!! I have just started my own blog - hope it give folks some inspiration if not the giggles you give! Are you ADHD? Your chatter sounds like some of the kids I to therapy with!! Ha!


  16. What a great chance to win! I don'thave a catty yet, but My first two guess have already been made so I will guess another one. My guess is Branch out. I know you have one simular, but this one reminds me of your precious blue bunnies.

  17. I am going to guess that your favorite new set from the Spring/Summer 2009 Idea Book & Catalog is Ocean Commotion...since I notice that you post pictures of fish.

    If my description of the catty above isn't enough to prove that I am a SU! Demo, my SU! website is

    Thanks - I really hope I win - I REALLY want one of those samplers!

  18. Ooooo NOT FAIR! Im a demo in the UK and dont get to see the lovely new catty let alone snuggle with it in bed and night, tucking it safely under my pillow when the hubby stomps up to bed... An spending 3 1/2 hours lovingly tearing each page off (crying silently whilst doing so at the sacrilege!) and then laminating each lovely page to ward off the evils of sticky finger monsters... Where oh where can I get a sneaky peek at the lovely goodies inside... Off to dry my disappointed tears... sniff.

  19. Your favorite set must be 'Owl Together Now' to go with those "defenceless baby chipboard owls" that were violated!

    Love your sense of humor & the blue. Thank you for the Leadership updates (I had to stay home this year - so sad).

    Wendy R
    (a Canadian demo with a DBWS that I can link you to when you need the proof - cause I know that Owl set will be your fave!!)

  20. I'm a demo and I'm guessing Good Friends.


  21. Since there have already been guesses for the Manhattan flowers set, I'll have to go for CHEEP TALk as my guess for your favorite set. You certainly had me glued to your website for several days. The great part is, I have now discovered your fun place to hang out. Thanks for sharing - Jackie M.

  22. Okay, my first guess was Manhattan flowers, which is not a stamp set name, that's the name of the decor elements. The set that I guessed is actually called Fifth Avenue Floral......

  23. OK, I have to join in the fun :-) I haven't seen this set mentioned by anyone else, so I'm guessing "Bird on Branch".

    (in SU terms, if downlines are daughters and uplines are mothers, I guess I'm your niece?)

  24. Bird on a branch is my guess for the stamp set you will choose as your favorite. OOOOHHH, I am a demo hoping for the chance to win the sampler. Fun Blog - Jackie/Oregon

  25. I want to play! I'll just take a random guess... how about the Rustic Rooster?
    You make me laugh.
    Mary Ann (I'm a demo)

  26. Im a demo too.. have a DBWS I can give you the address too to prove it if I win.

    I tried to order a paper sampler but they were all gone already, so I would love to win one!

    My guess is Playful Petals.

    thanks for the chance!

  27. Hey, I'll take a guess. How bout that cute bird, flowers and saying, "Good Friend". Thanks for the fun game! (And all the leadership pics & info!!!)

    My demo website is


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