Sunday, January 25, 2009

CHA, Day 1 - Sticky @$$ Glue!!!

This is my ride from the airport. And we're not supposed to TEXT and drive?? WTH?
Look at these heavenly little raspberry chocolate numbers at the SCS cupcake reception!!
Filled with marvelous people I'd never met in real life. Lori Craig is possibly the sweetest woman on earth..

One of my favorite booths yesterday was Flower Soft. This is a product I'm working on for Starving Artistamps and it's amazing. It's from England and it creates these soft, 3D realistic flowers. ( I used it for my sheep fur on this card.) But what these ladies showed us with it would just blow your mind. My photos don't do it justice. And it's EASY to use!! It makes flocking look very primitive!

The Hanna Stamps ladies are SOOO fun!!
If you could see the millions of beautiful papers you'd go into hoard overload!!
Look at this new Nestabilities embossing plate. It's so delicate that you can cut it apart into separate designs!!
Here after using it, she sands this glossy black paper to show off the patter . Really cool.
Look at all these new goodies!!

Full glittered sheets too for punching. So pretty.
I thought 7 Gypsies booth was the prettiest I saw yesterday. Of course I've seen like 1/8 of it.
Lookie! This binder is amazing!!!!!
Look at this fun recipe book.
Okay - this was my booth of the day. It was a company called Uberstix (love the name). This thing he's holding is the world's first precision cutter that is safe for ages THREE AND UP!! Little kids can precisely cut popsicle sticks, leather, wood, anything - how cool is that???? Can you imagine the fun little boys will have with this??? I love this idea and the CEO was an amazing man. What a great thing for him to do. I so want to make a p-stick cabin now!!
They also make Uberstix which are these crazy fun building thingies that you can make bats with wings that flap, boats with water bottle floats - so addicting! They can be custom cut in the cutter too!! Definitely my favorite booth of Sunday.
Well, except maybe this. If I had a glue company I totally would have called it STICKY ASS GLUE!! I LOVE THIS!!
Look at all the different things it holds together. Tile, wood, foam, metal, PVC - amazing.
I'm not certain how many multicolored chickens had to die to decorate this booth, but most of us just made the sign of the cross and averted our eyes. Bless their little avian souls.

This gent from England was doing the most incredible watercolor..
WOW - this Versamark Dazzle does INCREDIBLE things!!

This whole booth was made from cardboard!!
Read this nametag carefully out loud a few times. You'll get it! ;)
Here is my card in the Indie Craft Showcase!!

Oh my - look at this blue Liquitex Ink!!!
Oh - well - he has an artistic side!
Here's my painting I made at the Liquitex booth - their inks are amazing. Their instructor, Marla was so unbelievably great.
Aaah- Maddie would love this booth!
Here are some of the NEW magazines coming from Stampington!!

I'm off for day 2!! Should be great!!!

Oh PS - I got Press Credentials - that's why I can take pictures!! :) Turns out - I'm #14 on the Stamping Top 50 websites!!

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. This is why I will never go to CHA. I would WANT IT ALL!

  2. This is why I will never go to CHA. I would WANT IT ALL!

  3. PS: I MUST get my hands on that flower stuff. EGADS!

  4. Lots of fun goodies! The stormtrooper gettin' all crafty cracks me up. (How random!)
    Press credentials too?! THAT rocks!!! Wheeee!

  5. Good for you on getting Press credentials !! I love that "Flower Soft" Just got some to try it out last week. Keep having fun and sharing pics with us. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  6. How fun. LOVE all the photos, can't wait for more tomorrow.

  7. Oh, I love all of the photos!! I bet you're having so much fun - I would love to be seeing all of that stuff in person!

  8. Oh my gosh, looks like so much fun! I love the chicken comment!

  9. Love your blog, Lydia! (I'm a blue believer myself!) Thanks for the cute commentary on CHA... could you please, please show us how to do that 3D FLowersoft thingie when you get back?? Thanks for sharing.

  10. so glad you got press cred so that you could share all this marvy stuff! the flower soft...does it flake off when pressed between the sheets of an envelope? just curious...

    the cupcakes look like they were divine! i'm drooling...

    glad you're having a great time with your sister.

    CONGRATS on being #14 of 50 in the stamping blogsphere!!!

  11. Just to start off- my word today "outta". As in "get outta here, luv that Sticky Ass glue and Uberstix!!!!!". No kidding, Kydia! My Kelly was three when she "discovered" scissors and I was 43 when I "discovered" little piles of fine strawberry blonde Kelly hair piles everywhere. I also discovered little piles of slivered paper everywhere. She has "cut" her own bangs twice and she did a "bang-up" job (I hate puns- can you tell). Anyway, she would love the Uberstix thingy and I just like the name Sticky Ass Glue - I'd use it 'cause I like to say the name. Our family is weird that way.

    Thanks for sharing the CHA pics.!


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