Friday, January 9, 2009

Build a Fairytale

To answer an earlier question from stmpndragon (cute!!), I'm verrrrry sad to say there is no stamp set that coordinates with those delicious decor elements.

There is a set of die cuts that does in the simply scrappin section, but maybe in the mini!!

Its too cute not to have a stampy friend!

Lydia B. Fiedler


  1. What!!! I'm so disappointed! What a huge seller that would have been! I will totally buy the die cuts, but darnit, I want it ALL!

  2. I have a question for you...I'm drooling over the full heart punch. I know that a couple stamp sets include at least one image that fits with that punch....but the burning question is - is there a stamp set that features ONLY heart images that fit the full heart punch?!?!?!

    And thanks for a great blog - I'm loving it!

  3. My lip is hanging.....I will definitely be buying the decor elements to put up in my craft room and I will buy the die cut too(as long as it is of the dragon and/or fairy), but "Gosh Darn It!" I was soooooo hoping there was a stamp set to go with it....I will keep my fingers crossed for it to be in the mini. Everything sounds soooo great....the anticipation is now killing me and I am leaving on the 13th to go to GA for my son's graduation from basic training and how much you want to bet my copy of the catty will come that day (after I'm gone) and I will then have to wait until the 19th to see it. Okay, I had perked up with enthusiasum, but now I am sad again. Only getting my catty by the 12th will make me smile. TFS!


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