Monday, January 19, 2009

Pimp my Stamp!!

That's right - PIMP MAH STAMP, bab-eee. 72 hours of sleep deprivation really make you think outside the box. PS - I think they either broke or dislocated Splotchy's tail- just out from his/her little hiney. :( There's definitely something wrong. I left them a message. He/she doesn't seem to be in pain. Other than that, beasties are full of beans.

Why don't you spend a little time pimping your stamps? For so many years I've been a purist - stamp, color, cut - and that's it. I only recently started modifying the images after they are stamped. Add shading, trace them, etc. But it can do so much!

Check out the stamp set from my last post by clicking here
. See the flower I'm using from Petal Pizazz? It's cool enough on its own. But.. check it out when I outline it in black and add a little white pencil!

I did the same things for the leaves - both leaves and flowers are stamped in Riding Hood Red.

Why Riding Hood Red? Well, because it matched the DSP dots. And where did I get these dots?

Well you will just have to tune in tomorrow to find out - the answer to this question is very cool!So remember - your art doesn't have to end when you put stamp to paper...

Any little touch you add will improve it.
So experiment! Pimp your stamps!

Feel free to post pimp links in the comments!!

Today the new catalog launches - YEEHAW!!!

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. Very cute card!! I have a guess about how you made the dots, but I won't spoil the surprise.

    I'm sitting here going, "WHAT?!?!?" about your poor kitty. That would be CRAZY!!! I hope Splotch is okay!!!

  2. Great job pimping your stamps! The added black and white really do make the images pop.

    Sending warm fuzzies for Splotchy's cute little kitty tail.

  3. Your pimping is way cute and cool! Sorry to hear about Splotchy's tail ... hope the kink isn't permanent.

  4. Love this more sleep for you!!! I like what the deprevation does to your art!!!
    Word of the day..GISHOLLO
    as in...when you bump into a long time no see friend.. have you been????

    Hogs to the Splotch-monster...hope the tail gets fixed.

  5. ACK!!! this is fabulous! And I totally didn't think I needed this set!

  6. Kydia! Went and bought the zine today. I read your bio. All I can say is you are a slacker and need to stop being LAZY!

    Will read the article later as I have to stop living the "crooked" life! I guess I am- no cigs. I want to inhale poo right now-that's how desperate I am.
    Oh, did I type that?:)

    The dots- ummm, I have a guess but won't tell.

    My word? "feepy"

    "I am fo feepy right now-the kids are fpastic and I am very,very forry!"

  7. OK. My guess is that the paper is from the Yummy dp.


  8. Brilliant! I love your details & the layout on this. SO inspiring! Thanks! :O)


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