Sunday, February 1, 2009

Black, White and Dumb all Over

I have a cool black & white card later in the post, but I have to get something off my chest.

I swear sometimes that the universe is punking me. Deliberately putting things in front of me that CRY OUT for ridicule! I don't know what else would explain some things like what I am about to show you.

The cats have destroyed my old curling iron by chewing through the cord until it's just a sea of frayed copper wires sticking out. It just didn't seem safe.

So I left it in Anaheim and got a new one. Pretty sassy - temperature control (360 seems hot, no?) a cool sleeve for when you need to stick it in your suitcase hot (which I do all the time), some imaginary technology that is supposed to make you all fluffy and pretty...

So my question is, who is the moron who thought you were supposed to curl your EYELASHES with this thing, burned their eyes off and then sued Conair, resulting in this??

Wait - is it saying that ancient Egyptians shouldn't use this? Look at that eye - that's a hieroglyphic! OH - now I get it - Egyptians invented all these stupid warning tags!!!! I always wondered why they didn't use letters - they anticipated how dumb we would all become by the advent of the curling iron. This one probably means - hey ding dong - don't eat the silica gel. It's a dessicant. We live in the desert. I'm pretty sure you were adopted.

On the other side, this "omg i'm so glad you told me" warning. Clearly, this scary doll head kid already curled his eyelashes because his eyes are gone. But really? Is this hideous graphic necessary? In the old days, when little doll head kid grabbed something hot, we used to call that learnin'. I'm just saying...

All that being said, I thought the sentiment from Fifth Avenue Florals was a perfect ending to this Superbowl Sunday post. I could not be more excited that we finally have B&W DSP. This is from the Rockabilly pack. I just stamped the big flower in black and then used the fine point of my SU marker to add cross hatches. This flower offers a lot of "pimp-a-bility" IMHO.
For the last two years, the Bud commercials at the superbowl have made me all teary eyed. I loved that one with the baby horse that wanted to pull the wagon. Ohh - it kills me. I hope there's one like that this year. I think the quality of commercials has declined a bit in recent years so I'm hoping they will make a roaring recession comeback and make me laugh or give me the chills.

Here's a video of one that I just love. (If you're looking at this in reader, you might have to click to the blog to see this video) The best ones aren't about beer, or football. They're just about us. I hope you have a fun Sunday.

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  1. Seriously, are you inside my head? You know someone had to try curling their eyelashes in order to get the warning label - I just think "Your stupidity, not my fault."

    The horse training commmercial makes me tear up EVERY TIME!! So did this one, by the way. TFS.

    BTW - the card is awesome as well. :-)

    I also think Google is inside my head - the verification word is "vainf."

  2. I love that commercial. DH's middle bro is in the military and my uncle was too. His brother has done 2 stints in Iraq already and 1 in DC.

    I love that stamp on the card. The dots are a little too big for my taste I prefer small girly dots.

    I know isn't it just ridiculous the warning label pics that come with stuff now. At work (UPS Store) we have a label for what we can and can't ship. And this one always gets the most comments. We can't ship dogs.

    I love my dogs and would never try to ship them but apparently somebody tried.


  3. You got me - I cry at these types of commercials. Sigh, I am such a sap.

    I am playing with B&W today, too, but not SU, cuz my stuff ain't here yet! Grrrr.... Color me jealous.

    Did you know that if you put 3 bandaids on your forefinger (pointer) it makes it nearly impossible to hit the correct letters on a keyboard? That's what I get for tying to sever the little darling yesterday.

    WV: eques. In a sentence: If you hate standing in lines and you live in Europe, you'd probably say, "Ew, ques." and move on.

  4. Aww man! You got me all teary-eyed with that commercial. Yeah, I remember that one -- made me cry (while I was smiling) every time I saw it.

  5. Love the video!!

    The sad thing about those warnings is that they had to have actually happend to have them. I can't BELIEVE that!! But, now we all know that McDonald's coffee is hot - thanks to the genius who sued them. I never would have though coffee would be hot and could burn you!!!! ;)

  6. My eye makeup was perfect until I clicked on that commercial! Those kind get me all the time.

    I am going outside to make some vitamin D and wash a car or two, then back inside to play with all kinds of new goodies! Love the cross hatching on the flower...great take on that!

  7. Your blog makes me laugh out loud. And the way you pimp your cards! I never, EVER would have thought of adding crosshatch to a flower. How amazing.

    Your leadership posts got me hooked. Waiting to read the next funny is what brings me back. I bet you're a riot to hang out with....are you going to the SU convention in August?

  8. Love the cross hatching, and the commercial, and black and white, and well gosh I guess I just love you and your awesome blog posts! Hope your fur babies are doing well!
    Word verification-PRETIESS Your card today is just the pretiess!

  9. Best commercial ever !! My son has been over there twice ( yup there are Canadians over there too) and is now retired, thank goodness. TFS Hugs n' stuff, Lynne

  10. Gorgeous card!!!
    Your posting about the warning labels is too funny....When I opened my cereal yesterday there were instructions on the inside top flap of the box on how to open the plastic bag and it said to fold the plastic down after use to maintain freshness. If you can't work out how to open the bag of cereal then you probably deserve to go hungry ;)

  11. Yes, that commercial is my favorite too. I have a nephew in the Navy and went to the Persian Gulf twice, and a friend in the Army who went to Iraq 3 times that I know of, haven't heard from him in months.

    I like the card and what you did with the flower, very creative idea.

    Hey I request some new photos of the kitties on your next post, K?

    Lisa A.

  12. Love the cross hatching. You have an art background, n'est pas? You are ever so clever and sassy!
    That commercial really got me teary eyed!

  13. About the commercial--my husband is in the military and he recently came home wearing his combat uniform. He and the other soldiers on his flight were treated just like this: people stopped what they were doing and just clapped; and random strangers bought them rounds of beers, and their meals. It's nice to know that even though many don't agree with this war, we support our troops, and keep their morale and spirits high. So, if you are ever in an airport and you see soldiers coming home and you stand and clap for them, this military wife thanks you for honoring the sacrifice our soldiers make!

  14. you made me cry...and so hapy to see Abegaile's post that it is not just a commercial...that is happens.

    WV today KIESCHM .. as in...
    if you see a hero come home...KIESCHM

  15. ROFL!!!! Egyptian eye!!! Hieroglyphics!!!! ROFL!!!

    I sooo love your posts! :D


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