Wednesday, February 18, 2009


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Talking to Theresa (sorry girl - I'm a prolific emailer) tonight, she totally made me have a repressed memory.

Wait - that doesn't make sense. I didn't repress a memory. I remembered a repressed memory. Does that mean I DEpressed a memory? Some ding dong like Dr. Phil probably has some stupid word for when you are shocked into remembering a repressed thing, but I would never watch Dr. Phil, so I'm gonna make up a word.

I had a REANIMATED memory!!!! Yes.

Here's what she said. "Speaking of vets, how is our poor tail?" She was talking about Splotchy, not MY butt. That would just be weird.

WELL THEN I REMEMBERED TAIL. I had a "pet" named Tail when I was little. For YEARS. And tail was, well, a TAIL. God, I really hope it wasn't a real tail - FAMILY - DO NOT EMAIL ME AND TELL ME IT WAS OR I WILL SHUN YOU - but it was just, a tail. I think it was stripey like a coon tail and I loved it so much. I dragged it around with me everywhere - state after state after state in the seatbelt free environment we hurtled around America in on summer vacations.

When I love things I just name them what they are. TAIL.

Anyway, Splotch is cool. (See - he's splotchy. I named him Splotchy. Simple girl, I am) His broken tail is not interfering with his soccer or jumping abilities. He's just crooked.

I actually do have a card for you today.

On the left side, Park Avenue Patterns, stamped twice - that's why it looks blurry. The first time I stamped it in VersaMark, then Basic Black. Yes, I used the Stamp a ma Jig. It's actually stamped three times and I had to line up those teeny lines.

Then I stamped the flowers in black on white and cut them out. They are popped up on dimensionals.

Don't forget that you can "split" a rubon. I took "Bloom where you're planted" and used the white one for part of it and the black one for the other part. Cool.

What I like about this style watch is the crisp, typographical clarity of the designs, so that's what I tried to preserve with this ditty.

Hope u likey.


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  1. Love the card and I'm glad Splotchy is doing well! Hey, I hope to see or talk to you SOON where does the time go...

  2. I'm glad Splotchy's tail doesn't bother him!! Funny story about Tail ;)

  3. I knew his tail wouldn't bother him. Let's talk about mine for a while-shall we?

    I am at the Lowe's selling GS cookies (I like putting it into abbreviation cause then before everybody has a chance to read, they think "Gonorrhea" "Symptoms" or "Giardea (sp?) "Sucks". For me, dude, it's major fun.

    I look over at aisle number eight and it is labeled "Home Decor" aisle.

    Um, what on tarnation is toilet paper doing on the "home decor" aisle?

    What, have we, "confo" civilians broken down into? We now think that TP is home decor? WTF?

    My word- confo- "We cannot get comfortable until we get some "confo" TP. Look for it- it is on the aisle of your major home improvement center.

    Love the bunny AND the major antics of cats. I've been a little out, of sorts, and will post some when ready- take care, Kydia!

  4. Here it is! It's Gorgus! Rocks!

    I am serious, didn't like "blue" growing up-Mom liked it. I am "green and purple in no particular order".

    You have sent me into a state of transanddentalism (which I darn well know isn't a word- especially the way I typed it).

    Would you believe it was my verification word?


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