Sunday, February 15, 2009

Environmental Discrimination

Yeah. This is outrageous. Before I show you my latest bunny creation, I gotta get this off my chest.

So at about 6 this morning, I head to the gym. There's almost no one there - I think maybe 10 cars in the parking lot. So I head up to park at the front.

And then I see this at the two parking spaces in front of the door.
Are you freaking kidding me? So, SUV's to the back of the parking lot? And WTH is low emitting and fuel efficient? Fuel efficient is a relative term after all. If you've just switched from a Yukon to a motorcycle, the motorcycle actually "emits" more pollution. So the Yukon can park there, but not a motorcycle, which many misled people think is more fuel efficient and easier on the tree frogs. It's not. Plus, I laughed MAO standing in front of the sign imagining enforcement of this idiotic program. Gym employees coming out and checking catalytic converters and then - seriously - laughing so hard - CALLING A GIANT STINKY TOW TRUCK into the parking lot to remove the offensive 14mpg vehicle from the premises. Hilarious!!!

I just want people to do things that make sense. This makes no sense.

Especially when you consider that this 24 hour, 110,000 square foot facility, built on what used to be our greenbelt next to a long standing family farm which is now chain restaurants and big box retail, has 400 electric (not corn or dolphin or woodland fairy or hug powered) workout machines, five full size basketball and sports courts, squash courts, four dry and four wet saunas - two of each for both men and women, a spa, a cafe, indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs, about 40 TVs, and all lit so brightly you can see through your hands.

But, by all means, save two spaces at the front for people whose vehicles run on hemp so that you get some sort of credits in environmental heaven.

So I pulled my little car into that fuel efficient spot, wishing it were emitting something, and snapped a pic for you. Then I put on my earphones to mask the hum coming from the glowing mega gym, popped on my sunglasses to shield me from the blinding lights, and spent more than a few kilowatts working out, playing basketball and hanging out in the sauna.

Good thing making a bunny doesn't hurt the environment.Wanna see my fuel efficient low emission carpooling bunnies? Head over to Project Reanimate or click the picture! This project was made with Suiboku clear stamps by Kodomo - they gave me some stamps to design with at CHA and I love these images, especially the bunnies.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. They put up some of those signs here in CA but some Hummer ran over it. :)

    As always a fune morning read!


  2. WOW - haven't seen any of those signs around here yet. You are CRACKING me up though, and your bunny is cute. :)

  3. Excellent Observation!!! You should post a similar rant in your local newspaper (editorials) so the rest of Austin can get a good laugh too!
    Actually, I think I am most impressed that you went to the gym at 6am on a Sunday!!
    Cute Bunnies.

  4. What??? Only two spots???

    WV of the day ... MANTEL ... as in
    What kind of MANTEL's you if your car is efficient or not??

    OK...that was lame...sorry

  5. Expedition is way more fuel efficient than say an can I park there? Don't forget the 6 trillion towels they wash and dry each day because we need three towels each--one for the bod, one for the hair and one to stand on so we don't get crud on our feet!! :)~


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