Saturday, February 14, 2009

What I'm Celebrating Today

I, and my coworkers, are celebrating today. No, it's not Valentine's Day that is the center of our happiness today.

We have suffered through about 8,500 (per day) Vermont Teddy Bear and Pajama Gram ads. For my feelings on Pajama Grams, click here.

Let me share my feelings on Vermont Teddy bear, and the marketing of this product. I'd share the ad itself, but I love and respect you too much.

Clearly, the people in the ad work in the porn industry. Not really sure what other type of business would have this weird assortment of undershirt wearing men with sunglasses on their heads and cell phones from 1980 working with the Cleavage Sisters. Maybe I'm crazy.

The squealing over the bear in a box is enough to make you kill yourself with your stapler, even if you're in a profitable stock trade.

Then, after this ad that I swear lasts 45 minutes and makes me want to get out the Slap Chop, in a parting insult, there's the lifetime guarantee on the bear. Guaranteed to what? Annoy your wife for 50 years? Remind her of the sleazy women on the ad for life? Remind her that you work in porn and ordered it in your undershirt one day with your sunglasses on your head?

I don't like any of that.

My antidote is a clean, simple card, with no sleazy overtones. :)

I made this with two punches. The Full Heart Punch from SU - which I punched a Very Vanilla heart with and popped up on a vanilla card with dimensionals - and my Martha butterfly punch.

I took the teeny butterflies from this punch and my Raspberry Tart DSP, and attached them to the heart with a mini glue dot that I rolled into a snake to fit on the teeny butterfly.

Then I added some of the sassy new Ribbon originals and stamped my greeting in black.

I hope you have a great Valentine's Day, free of infomercials!

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. Oh, Lydia I just love this card!!! Simply yet it grabs me. Another thing to add about Vt Teddy Bear it's not the greatest company to work for, my mom worked for them for years. I won't go into it but, needless to say I would NEVER buy one even if they had great commercials

  2. Awesome job on that card! Those tiny little butterflies are so cute I just want to hold them...rofl!

    Hope you have a happy (Vermont Teddy Bear-less) Valentine's Day!

  3. Beautiful card Lydia. Simple and elegant. I love it. How long did it take you to roll the dots for the butterflies?

  4. the little butterflies remind me of the tiny, hinged shells that i found (and collected) when we visited sanibel, fl.

    cute card...glad you're free from ad HELL.

  5. Hey, I live near VT Teddy Bear - want me to get you one? ROFL - I agree they are super-cheesy, but hey, you can go a long way with "Made in VT"!


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