Sunday, February 22, 2009

Swimmy, Anyone?

Did anybody read Swimmy? If you remember this post, about Little Blue and Little Yellow, Swimmy is by the same author. It is an incredible book, about a teeny little fish that ends up doing a very big thing. Really sweet. Swimmy is also black and all the other fish are red, which is really sad, but ends up saving him. I won't spoil it for you! :)

But it inspired this card. I reversed the colors since the red had so much punch.

These are more Suiboku images. I stamped them in black and then went over them with my black glaze pen. I colored the red fish with Copics.

Each little bubble on the fishies I felt compelled to fill with a teeny rhinestone.

I used the sassy Sizzix die for the little die cut. This time I used it to cut the entire card, because it cuts and scores the card while it's punching out the window wherever you want it. This thing rocks.

The greeting is from Stampin' Up! - Happiness is a Journey. I colored it with markers.

Okay, now onto the news.

Thanks to my alert reader, I found out I was published in the most recent issue of Take Ten Magazine!

Thank you so much because I didn't know. Thursday, I got a copy of the magazine in the mail, so here's the card - it's one of my bunny cards from Project Reanimate.
Hope you have a great Sunday! My blogger webinar is Thursday, so if you haven't signed up yet, you need to!

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. Great job! I'm going to go out and buy a copy today!

    Love the fish too.

  2. Congratulations my published friend. Have a great day, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  3. I've been looking for the latest Take 10 at Barnes & Noble up here in Cedar Park and at the La Frontera one. Where'd she find it?

    Congrats on being published.


  4. Congratulations.. cute card.

    I think you should also be published for your writing and blogging. They are always so interesting, and usually hilarious!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Congratulations on the publication! So odd that they didn't even tell you. And *phew* it's done! Hope you like the bunnies!

  7. Congratulations on getting in the magazine - that's awesome! Do you submit your cards or do they just find you?

  8. Whoa, Lydia, I figured you already knew you were published when I emailed you. I had a couple of sketch challenge cards in the previous issue and when I got my complimentary copy from Take Ten and an inheritance check from my aunt's estate, I was more excited about being published! I LOVE your blog whether it's focused on cards or life.

  9. Oh WOW....U IZ FAMUS....LOL!!!! Big congrats to totally deserve it!
    Love, love, love the swimmy cute! I am madly hoping that SU decides to put the BS in the Aussie catty...I desperately want one :) Adore the very true.

  10. Congrats! Yeah, weird that they didn't inform you.

  11. Congrats Lydia! WOW I will be purchasing a copy this week! What a milestone!

  12. Is that how demonstrators get around SU's new regulations, by listing SU by name but not naming who made the other items in your creation? I completely miss being able to read who made all the items used.


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