Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wow - Techno Blackout

Not really sure what's going on in the world - has there been an electromagnetic pulse bomb or something? My DSL has been out all weekend. I'm not happy.

Anyway, here I am at long last - thank the Lord for Starbucks wifi.

Had my club Saturday and it was great - a few new faces and fun projects. At least I thought they were fun! :)

This first one is one of those scallop envelope boxes - these are made with the scallop envy die from the Sizzix - just cut four of them and assemble them into a box! You've probably seen these on a million blogs, so I won't do a tutorial, but I did want to share that the felt flurries are cool because the ones with the larger holes in the middle actually slip over a rhinestone brad from the pretties kit. So this medallion was all assembled with the brad already attached and I just slipped the snowflake on.. Cool

So I'll share what I have and hopefully get my DSL working at some point in the next few days and post the rest.

The gift card holder was the most fun I think. It has this little 3D Christmas tree on it that was SOOO easy and fun I can hardly stand it.

I got this from a blog that's bookmarked on my main computer, but since I have no internet, I can't tell you what it is. I'll update the post with the link as soon as I'm restored!

But here's how you make it.

Cut a circle with your Coluzzle. To determine how large your circle should be, you should align HALF of the template on the space you have to work with. The folded tree is the height of exactly half your circle. I'm sure there's a math term for that, but I don't really care. :)

For me, that was the second biggest circle on my Coluzzle.

Then you will take that circle, and fold it in half. For this project, it is important that your edges are lined up very well and that your creases are tight.

Next, take that semicircle and fold it in half.

This is where a larger circle will serve you well. I tried a very teeny tree, and it's much harder to fold the smaller circles as well as the larger ones. Don't say I didn't tell you. :)

For the last folding steps, you will need to fold each of the two quarter sections in thirds. Hopefully my picture says it better than my words do!

While you are folding, don't worry about whether they are mountain or valley folds - you can refold everything and get it going in the right direction when you're done folding. Just keep all your edges lined up.

Finally, when your creases are all good to go, hold your little tree so that you have two folds and two edges toward you. So in my picture with the notches cut into it, just imagine the right and left edges folded flat against the tree, with the tree facing you just like it is in my picture. Then you can cut your notches. The tree will be adhered to your project just as it is shown in this picture - the two edge pieces will lie flat on your card.

The dimensions of the gift card holder are 6 x 4.25 - scored at 1 and 3.5.

The 1" part becomes the flap that holds the card.

Last but not least, we did this fun little mittens card from Scandinavian Season. I love this set more and more every time I use it.

The colors are Kraft, Ruby Red and Old Olive and the paper is Holiday Treasures.

Hope you have a good Monday and that I can actually communicate again soon!!



  1. WOW! Glad you are back, I thought you were lost in your club somewhere. Imagine you sucking up Starbucks wifi...and I'm sure a few turbo charged lattes as well! Glad to see you are posting again...


  2. Lydia,

    No, I haven't seen any tutorials on the "scallop Envelope boxes". If you know of a link to one, just post that. Please don't go to the trouble of doing a tutorial yourself. Love those cards, too cute. Bummer on the internet, that would drive me nuts. Hope its up and running for you soon. Lisa

  3. Glad to see you back! I thought maybe you had run away on a sugar high after Halloween!

    Great projects...very, very cute!

  4. Is there a reason why you have to use a whole green circle? The back side doesn't show, so couldn't you just cut it in half and have two easier-to-fold trees? Just wondering...

  5. Very cute! And hey...any excuse to go to Starbucks...right?

  6. Loved this blast from the past Miss Lydia. Works great with the SU sizzix circle dies. As always your project ideas and fun and funny text is timeless!


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