Thursday, November 27, 2008

Only the Fireborn...

Understand blue.

Which explains the farolitas.

And the warm adobe.

So some Thanksgiving pictures for you from today. An early start. An email (or two).

A storm coming.

Who wrapped my beloved St. Francis cathedral in plastic?? (Preparations for the upcoming 400th Anniversary apparently. I'm sad. I love this place).

St. Francis would not approve of the sign in the courtyard of cathedral. He looks at it, puzzled, with his dog by his side.

Forget drunk driving. In Santa Fe, we've got other issues.

Before the snow, some rain.

Deep thoughts on tea.

Speaking of tea, wasn't mine served ingeniously?

A perfect still life, Inn of the Anasazi.

My friend loves photographing his own shadow. (I think because it makes him larger than life). I snapped this one for him.

Ulla Darni hand painted light fixtures. She paints them in reverse on the inside of the glass.

Fall. :)


  1. These are all so great. It reminds me to look at the city around me with some fresh eyes.

  2. Gorgeous photos today! Those glass light fixtures are amazing...such talent and patience to paint one of those puppies. I don't know why, but the last picture of the leaf on the rocks was my favorite today.

    OK, I am off for a triptophan induced nap now. Have fun!

  3. Your photographs are stunning! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your photos are absolutely beautiful. What kind of camera do you use? I also love the photos of you kittens. I have two older cats I got from the same litter and they look very similar to yours.
    Barb S.

  5. Hi Lydia,

    Thanks for my daily laugh and my daily inspiration. Your photo's rock!

    Maybe if I post your pic of St. Francis my local bear who loves to redecorate my driveway with toxic poop will get the idea and stick to the woods. After all would you want a Saint and a dog watching your business! hee hee

    I love the Cathedral Pic's plastic and all. I'm a former member of Mission Santa Ines (one of the California Missions) and I remember what we went through with our BiCentennial in 2004. I'm not sure I could face 400 years of deffered or at least seldom thought of maintenance. At least you're in the right neighborhood for materials!

    Your eye for design, composition and color in all your work is a University education in itself. Thanks Teach (or should that be Professor!)

    Peaceful Blessings and Winter Wishes - Jean

  6. Beautiful pictures. That is an ironic sign..."No Dogs" at St. Francis.

    We I was young we would take our pets to church on one day during holy week for the "Blessing of the Animals" at St. Francis in Taos.


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