Thursday, November 27, 2008

One More Thing Before Dinner

It rained today so I couldn't walk as much as I wanted. So I did some work on a few cyber things I was behind on and then entertained myself with Google Analytics.

This tells me statistics about my blog - is my feed working, are people visiting, etc.

One of the pages I really like is the keywords page. This tells me what keywords people type into search engines which lead to them landing on my site. They never fail to crack me up. Some are obvious, like my name or "Understand Blue" or "Stampin' Up!" or "Starving Artistamps."

But then, there are these (exactly as people typed them):

  • art print with blue bunnie and tv 'i know i should be asleep...'
  • fuzzy chick
  • blue fuzzy insects flying
  • bunnies show teeth
  • flying tiny furry insects
  • hitwoman silencer
  • how to fish the booya
  • zombie cardstock
  • why it's important to laugh at yourself
  • sock monkey rap
  • show me some blue things
  • really blue things
  • birdie wink
  • allrighty

Well allrighty.


  1. Hitwoman silencer???? Hmmmmm. :) Hope you had a great turkey day!


    P.S. Absolutely LOVE your photography skills!

  2. Allrighty (sic) then! I'm with Mike, the Hitwoman Silencer is a bit intriguing. I'll be uploading some turkey pics here after a bit...check them out if you want to get hungry!


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