Saturday, November 15, 2008

Karma Chameleon

This card is the second VSN Challenge card - we were supposed to be inspired by a rock star!!

So on my frigid walk to Starbucks - wet hair, tennis skirt, 37 degrees, 25 mph winds - I thought that the bright colors and sort of gypsy look of Karma Chameleon would work great with my little Sizzix bird!

Now, I am not sure if Boy George can be considered a "rock star" - but he's awfully colorful and easy to translate to stamping!

So I stacked up a few sheets of Basic Grey Ambrosia DSP and cut out some birds and started piecing this one together. I tried to stay with warm colors - I used to really be obsessed with that orange eyeshadow old Boy George wore. Looking at this picture I have no idea why!!!

I loved the eighties at the time but oh my gosh we all looked like idiots!!!

Glad that's over with. Nice to back in Levis and shirts with no shoulder pads.

Oh, and on last night's topic - a few answers and observations.

1) OCD is a completely affectionate term!!! Mike knows I like to clean things with rubbing alcohol! :) I think all stampers are a little OCD. And so are Mike & I! That's probably why we like all the same TV shows! Here's a good example of some of the dilemmas I have as an OCD Virgo. When organizing the markers, you discover that there is a Y - Yellow group, but then there's a YG - Yellow Green. There is B and BG. R and RV. OMG THERE ARE ONLY 9 DIVIDERS - WHERE DO THE BG'S GO WITH THE B'S OR THE G'S? THE YG'S AND THE BG'S CAN'T BOTH GO WITH THE G'S THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE OMG I CAN'T BREATHE!! :) Well, maybe not that bad, but you get the idea. You will see that it all worked out.

2) Next answer to a question - for my OCD marker fix, I purchased the Magpie storage system (3 of them) from - my first purchase from that site and I'm pleased! It's the perfect depth for the Copic Sketch markers, sharpies, glaze pens and my microns, Koh-i-Noors and white gel pens. It's a little short for Prismas and my pastel pencils though, so they're staying in their cans for now.

They sit on my bookcase, and each of them have a little drawer. Can't decide what's going in there yet.

Off to do more challenges!! You'll be hearing from me a lot this weekend!

Don't forget - my Google Reader Webinar is Monday - email me to sign up!!


  1. That's the Lydia I know! I am now completely cracking up! Thanks for the laughs as always....:)


  2. i really like the boy george bird! looks like he's clinging to a telephone pole and looking cool...

    i made it through my SAS. only have 7 or 8 cards left to make for PakMail!

  3. Ah! I love the paper piecing you did. I ordered a whole bunch of crafting goodies from Tracey as payment for the last stamp set and I'm getting one of those wizard things and a die cut for birds (among other things). I can't wait to try something like this out.

  4. Hahahaha! I feel better about my marker drawer now that I saw this pic of yours. I love all the blue!!! I could imagine you went back in there and re-organized them according to tone.

    I made "color cards" with each color grouping so that I could choose the gradient of yellow, or red or whatever that I liked with just the perfect turquoise, etc. I should post some pics shamelessly on my blog. After all-you weren't afraid of whipping out Boy George with the orange eyeshadow. What else do you have in there??

  5. ooooooooh look at that marker goodness!!! So many pretty colors! Your OCD moment about the Ys and Gs and all made me laugh out loud - not good in the middle of the night with sleeping babies nearby! :D And love your bird, and seeing good old Boy on your blog here! Oh how I used to love Culture Club. I still love all things 80s! I'm going to see Duran Duran on Dec1 for crying out loud! LOL!

  6. OMG i just found your blog today and have been peeing a little bit reading your blog entries. love your writing style. so again, just found your blog, perhaps could have found it sooner if i haven't been spending so much of my time scouring my city and every store in God's green earth for a holder for my new copics.and then, like the angel's have guided me here i find a holder that can be ordered online. you don't understand how happy you've made me. i think i love you, hope that doesn't make things i am going to go spend on and pray with all my might they ship to your friendly neighbour in the north canada. sorry for the lack of caps, feeling to faint with relief to get the energy to hit shift. oh, and i organize by colour too and the bg and yg's make me sweaty trying to figure out placement


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