Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Comments are fixed!!

Sorry about that! Please leave me comments. Pretty please?

Blogger's new feature doesn't work with my template. If any of my fellow bloggers have customized their templates and are wondering why they're not getting comments anymore - I can help! :)



  1. Ha. I had the same problem....only I caught it right away. Did you try the "embed" comment at the bottom of post? Yea....with new technology there are always problems! Glad you have your internet back...too bad you had to buy that wireless card! :) Have a great afternoon!


  2. well, even though you had a trying period of being without internet, at least this week was brightened by the debut of RED CUPS!

    glad your internet is fixed. btw, when are you going to let everyone on this blog in on your upcoming adventure this weekend? am i going to have to out you?


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