Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blue Bunnies

I love Blue Bunnies as you know.

These are for the VSN M Challenge. I love it when they do animal challenges.

It gives me a chance to color stuff blue that shouldn't be. I never miss an opportunity like that!!

These little guys are from Firecracker Designs by Pamela. The rightmost bunny is just half a bunny - so he's designed to be sticking out from behind the other one, which is really easy and cool - no masking!!!

I colored the design with Copics. Then I mounted the bunny panel with dimensionals.

The greeting is from On Your Birthday.

VSN is over, and I did all but four challenges! I'll be posting more over the coming days.

Don't forget - my Google Reader Webinar is TONIGHT!! It costs $5, and you can still sign up and log in tonight at 7PM Central time!

Email me to sign up for this - you don't want to miss it! :) I'll be emailing everyone who signed up this afternoon with confirmations and passwords.


  1. Those bunnies are so cute! I think that they are cute blue. I wonder how they would look purple? Tee Hee! I love what you did with them, and the whole card layout!


  2. VERY cute and blue rabbits! Don't think I know anyone else who'd think of coloring rabbits blue - but that's just so charmingly YOU! :)

    Don't worry!! The "suck" means "sigh" in Swedish.
    I'm currently working as a GP in a small village a loooong way from home, and I was so happy 'cause I'd recieved a mobile internet modem for my laptop - unfortunately the signal isn't strong enough out here in the bushes, so I cannot use it anyway...and hence the *sigh*..

    Saturday I'll recieve an antenna, and by then I'll be online again!

    Uh oh, got to go - patients are waiting ;)


    PS. Nope- wasn't able to go and see that cute QK-boy...but I don't think my boyfriend would approve anyway, haha! ;)

  3. Oh I love your blue bunnies! And how fun to see you using FCD stamps!!


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