Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Belly Full of Snow Tutorial

I did this shaker card for VSN.

I don't do them often, and I don't have a good explanation for you about that. Is there a gene for shaker cards? Could I be missing that gene? Do you think they could splice it into me like they do with roses?


Anyway, so I didn't do a whole shaker card, I just did a shaker BELLY. Love that word.

Here's what you do.

First, admire how sparkly your Diamond Dust is underneath your desk lamp. Aahhh. Remember you are supposed to actually be doing something with it and re-focus.

Then, punch a 1.25" hole from white cardstock. Center your 1.75" punch around that hole and punch out a little ring.

Punch a 1.75" circle from acetate. Or, for the ghetto version I did, use a cello bag!! (It was on my desk!!)

Adhere the acetate or ghetto bag to the ring, and then lay it down. Trim dimensionals - Use the leftover edge pieces - and carefully stick them down. They MUST be touching or you will spring sparkly leaks. If this card is for someone you don't like, then leave big gaps! ;)

Carefully spoon Diamond Dust into the ring. Don't fill it up.

Then remove the backing for the dimensionals. Do not attempt to do this before adding sparklies or you will regret it when they are all stuck to the dimensionals and you have to start over!!

Adhere a 1.75" circle to this and voila! Shaker belly!!!

Very quick, easy and not intimidating!

What is intimidating is the resolution of my new camera. So fine, in fact that I had to censor a closeup of my ghetto circle because you could see every line in my paws and they looked old and hideous! Vanity prevailed over the tutorial! :)

Note to self - investigate better hand lotion!!!

Have a great Tuesday!!


  1. Love the little shaker belly! That snowman must be on the ice cream diet...very cute!

    As soon as I saw the blue roses I thought immediately of "The Glass Menagerie". Had a date take me to see it while I was in college, then he sent me white roses with blue "tips" on them because the florist didn't have blue roses...lol! Great memory....

    Thanks for sharing...off to look at my reader!

  2. Ok, glittery sparkle foofies are one thing I'm going to stay far away from. My "craft area" looks like a disaster zone whenever I make a card, I cannot afford to add sparkledust to the mix.

    Your card looks great though - i love his stylish scarf and the type for the sentiment is nicey-nice.

  3. Cute Snow BELLY, (I like that word too)on your snowman. Cute card in general. Love it. Oh, "Avoidance of Shaker cards" is definately a dominant gene. Tee hee.


    Hi Splotchy and Maddie! Awesome Blue Rose!

  4. Your too funny ha ha ha Guess I should send you a Shaker card with wide gaps ha ha ha Have a good one, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  5. "They MUST be touching or you will spring sparkly leaks. If this card is for someone you don't like, then leave big gaps! ;)"

    Hahaha, you always crack me up! :-)
    Love the card.

  6. Very cute snowman! Thanks for all the great details and photos. I know what you mean about hands...mine are aging faster than me!


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