Monday, November 10, 2008

Ever Stolen a Library Book?

You know you're only supposed to borrow them, right? I think what happens is that some people just borrow them for a really really long time. They intend to bring them back - they really do.

But you know, the time just flies - one day, it's December 1940, and the next - dang it - it's 2009! Where does the time go?

I'm fairly certain that is what happened to the person who borrowed the book I just bought for $1 at Half Price Books. I love Half Price Books. If you haven't been there, you need to go. I went for stamping materials, because I knew I could spend like $5 and get more than I would ever need.

Yes, while I was there, I could not resist the temptation to fill in some holes in my Nancy Drew collection, including a very lucky #13. ;)

However, I was looking for older books with more weathered pages, and I stumbled upon a real gem - Red Clark on the Border by Gordon Young.

It's a real rip snorter of a Western - a Young Western, to be exact.

With language like "Plumb sure!" and "purt near" and "say Boo!" I could not resist it.

However, it wasn't until I was actually using the book while filming my TV show that I realized that it had been stolen from the American Lending Library!! I opened the book up (on camera) to talk about it, and lo and behold - PURLOINED!! "Never sold - only loaned"!!

Well, American Lending Library - someone sold it to Half Price Books. And they sold it to me. For $1. And I'm using it to make some fun cards. So if you ever catch up with the person who borrowed it in the 40's and has 8 billion in late fees, would you mind giving me a cut?

Anyway, you know I like to make little recycling jokes with myself. Like taking the magazine, that used to be a tree, and turning it back into a tree, right?

Well I did the same thing with old Red Clark from the 40's.

Since I was using a leaf of this old book, I thought I'd stick a leaf on it and have a little fun. I also added the "telling my story" barcode from the Take Note Rubon Set.

The leaf is stamped in Brocade Blue (Why don't I ever use this?) on Very Vanilla and cut out. The circle of the book page is punched with my 1.75" punch and sponged with Brocade Blue and Chocolate Chip. I deliberately salvaged the "say boo". :)

I plumb sure like it! I reckon it's purt near what I pictured when I walked into Half Price...

Happy Monday!


  1. These are so fabulous ... I have several book page ideas saved ... I love these!

  2. What a cute little card, with such neat littl nuances to it.
    You are too smart for this stamping thing!

  3. Well BOO! Its just fabulous! Plumb near!!! ;)

  4. yes - i did take a book from the library - well i borrowed it - and shoot dang it just never was taken back - not a western though! Oscar wilde!!!
    and i just could NEVER take a page from that book - BUT i can scan the page! ohhhh!! just now thought about that!!
    i love your ideas!!!
    thanks for sharing and daring
    p.s. i do dog ear pages! it becomes a well loved book that way..i just love books!!

  5. So funny! Last year we had to pay $15 to replace a copy of a $4 SpongeBob book. After we paid the fine, we found the darn book!

    Love the card you made and the cool bar code rub on. I love Brocade Blue too.


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