Friday, November 14, 2008

Mitten Cupcakes

If there is a list somewhere of the most fun things in the world, you know that includes both cupcakes and baby mittens, right?

Well, as Joey on Friends says - PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER!!!

A friend is having a little girl soon, so I thought I would make her some little cupcakes with those adorable teeny baby mittens and BABY TIGHTS!! I love baby tights!!

Have any of you wondered why at some point the world decides that girls are no longer allowed to wear ruffly bloomers and tights and wear little tiara's and glittery shoes? Why do we allow that - we should be wearing these things all our lives. You should totally be able to rock up to work in pink glittery Mary Jane's and a tiara and not have someone think you've escaped from somewhere.

The front cupcake is the baby mittens - the cuff part is what you're seeing on top.

For the tights I just rolled three pairs together and they really look like frosting!!!

Then I crimped a 2.25" strip of Pirouette Pink and stuck it together around the little goodies with Sticky Strip.

I put the mitten one in my clear paint can and tied the most adorable Winnie the Pooh pacifiers onto the handle with white organdy ribbon.

I tied a piece of that wide Pirouette Pink grosgrain ribbon around the outside.

I guess I forgot to take a picture of the top. I Coluzzled a piece of Pirouette Pink for the top. Then I stamped the little sheep from Dilly Dally and punched it with my 1.75" punch. I colored it with Pirouette Pink and the blender pen and then added glitter.

What a fun and simple baby gift.

This post has been brought to you by Splotchy Paprika, who knows not his (her) own cuteness.


  1. Where do you come up with this stuff??? You are WAYYYYY too creative! Have a great Friday....give the kittys a smooch!


  2. Too. Much. Cuteness!!!

    Those are adorable, please remind me that if I ever go crazy and decide to have another baby to let you know first so you can make me some cute baby gifts like that!

    I am all about the tiaras and glitter and pink frilly everything. I encourage Little Miss to play dress up as often as she wants to, and to feel free to pick out as many pink outfits as she can stand.

    I have to go now. I'm going to get one of her tiaras to wear for preschool drop-off.

    Talk to you soon!

  3. The fur babies are getting so big now! Great baby gift idea!


  4. Splotchy is totally gorgeous! And so is that gift idea...might have to *borrow* that one in the future :)
    Have an awesome weekend!

  5. I see numerous cupcake stamps that arecute. Then I see your cupcakes made from towels and I have the urge to bake.

    How did you do that?

  6. I should read first, the mittens and tights look cute as cupcakes.
    Certainly, less fattening. :O)

  7. Haha, I thought this was Mickey ears when I saw the 1st pic! :-D

    And why, oh why, would do give as a gift torture objects?? I HATE tights with a passion, SO happy I don't ever have to wear some if I don't want to, my daughter hated them equally and only wore that once or twice as a baby! LOL
    As for the mittens, I had scratched kids or I was cutting their nails carefully but I couldn't bring myself to hide their poor little hands like that, it's cruel! (same goes for swaddling but that's a different story! ;-))... I'm sure the kitties agree with me, just ask them...
    Yes, I know I have my issues! LOL!
    Cute gift nonetheless! :-D


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