Friday, November 14, 2008

What Virgos Like to do after Work..

Organize their markers by color. *sigh*


  1. I'm not a virgo, but I like to play or organize my supplies. Especially if it makes room for a few more goodies.

    I just have to ask, just how many copic markers do you have?! Also how are you organizing them?

    Love seeing the pictures of Maddie & Splotchy!

  2. So you truly are OCD. :) Have a great weekend!


  3. I don't think it's OCD to want to know where to find what you need, when you need it! I'm not a Virgo, but I must have it as a rising sign or something, cause I do exactly the same thing....not only with the Copics, but the paper, the buttons, the get the picture! I think you have even more blue markers than I have pink and purple :)

  4. Definately not OCD. Almost all papercrafters organize their supplies by color. Maybe its because most of us are women! No offense Mike, but most men are not good organizers. Be nice dude! We paper crafter are very serious about our supplies!

  5. NOW I know where to go when I need that absolutely postively perfect shade of! Just seeing all those copics made my day better.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. We are heading to SeaWorld in a few hours for some "deep blue" time, I'll post pictures tomorrow night. Have a great one, girl!

  6. Ooooooh all that blue!!!!♥ :-D♥

    I tend to organize my markers and color pencils (and books, and sometimes even tee-shirts...) by rainbow colors... LOL

  7. I love this... Even my blouses are lined up in my closet my color/shades... it's so easy to pick out an outfit in the morning.

    I think the difference is whether we think linear or not. Men tend to be more linear.. I'm not male-bashing at all. It's just an observation.


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