Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jealousy, Statistical Anomalies and a Retreat!

Amazing how all those things can be related in a single post, but it is what it is...

First of all, I'm just sick with envy over the new Doodle Factory Christmas Set. I didn't order it yet and I'm sad. If you want to order it, don't forget - you get a discount - enter promo code SAVETENLF at checkout. On top of that, if you order this by Christmas, they're throwing in the matching greetings for free!!

Anyway can we talk about me now?

In my despondence and covetousness, I cracked out my other DF Winter Set I bought last year and whipped up this little ditty for you.

It was really fun and easy. First, I punched three holes in a post it note as a guide for my ornaments.

The punch I used was my 1 3/4" circle punch.

Then I covered up two holes at a time with other Post Its and then stamped my cute little deer in the opening of the third.

Wash, Rinse, repeat.

Then, I took my .05 micron pen and traced the openings. I used the same pen to draw the hozzles ( I just made that up. I think it's a real word for something else. I like it because of the buzzing of the two z's. ) of the ornaments as well as the hangers.

Then I poked holes for the silver cord and threaded it through.

I added Stampin' Up! felt flurries and a rhinestone brad (clear) from the Pretties Kit.

Since I didn't really leave room for a greeting, I just handwrote "happy" and "joy" and "merry" along the edges of the ornaments with the same pen.

When I started this project I envisioned covering the ornaments with Crystal Effects to make them raised and shiny, maybe because Emily and I had a session at Sbux this afternoon where we were emoting about our Crystal Effects. I bet the people who heard us thought we were in a cult.

But, I also bet they secretly wanted to BE in our cult.

But I ended up just adding glitter and I think I like it like this. Do you?

Statistical Anomalies - what are the odds of a girl like me having exactly two readers who owned Pintos AND two readers who like Select-a-size paper towel shreds!?! God Bless America is what I say! Or, as Jane said - that's what makes a horse race!

Although I did not have a Pinto, my first "car" (and I use the term loosely) was a 1976 RUST colored Buick Century. I hung fuzzy dice from the mirror because I wanted to make a statement about the level of class that car communicated. I was not happy about the damage to my image.

But wait.

Forget about how it looked. How about the fact that it died at every stop sign, requiring me, the 16 year old girl with poofy 80's hair, a large checked satin shirt and tights on, probably some hideously huge earrings, glasses that make an aviator look sissy, hopping out, popping the hood, and STICKING A BALL POINT PEN INTO THE CARBURETOR TO HOLD THE FLAP OPEN AND GET OXYGEN IN THERE, GETTING BACK BEHIND THE WHEEL, STARTING IT, ALARMING PASSERS BY WITH THE LARGE FLAME SHOOTING OUT UPON IGNITION, RECLAIMING MY PEN CUZ I'LL NEED IT, CLUNKING THE HOOD CLOSED AND DRIVING OFF WITH MY FACE ON FIRE?


YES, I'M SCARRED. I don't want to talk about it anymore. Stop asking me questions.

Now - my dear friend Julie Ann Moon, is hosting a creative retreat!! This fabby weekend will take place at the Compass Center in Mount Calm, TX. It will be Jan 15-18, and you will have sleeping quarters, all meals and two four foot tables, power, lighting, everything you need to quilt, stamp, scrapbook or felt your little hearts out!!!!! These fill up fast, so if you'd like to register, contact Julie Ann asap!!! This woman is one of the nicest, most energetic people I've ever met. This retreat is going to be a BLAST!!

And finally - don't forget - my webinar on Google Reader and RSS feeds is Monday, at 7 PM Central - if you haven't registered yet, you have to email me to sign up!! Don't miss it - you are going to learn a ton from yours truly, the uber nerd!! :)

Hope you're having a great night!!



  1. I love your cute deer ornaments, Lydia!! Funny story too!

  2. Your story is making me LMAO! AND YOUR CARD IS CUTE!!!!!!!

  3. Cute card...I'm cracking up at the visual of you with the dodgy car....too funny!!! What is it about the 80s that makes for the best embarassing/funny stories???

  4. LOL...yes I too can picture you jumping out of the car at every stop light to revive your car...too funny! BTW, I had a similar 1st vehicle....1977 Pontiac Grand blue nonetheless! Oh, and thanks again for the feedburner info, I got it up and running! Have a great Thursday...!!


  5. Hi Lydia, thanks for posting on my blog. The courses I am taking...well the Design Your Life class is by Cathy Zielske though Big Picture Scrapbooking. It's halfway through and who knows with enough interest will run again next year. The Graphic Design course is run by if you head to their site. it's every six or seven weeks

    Hope this helps

    Paul x

  6. you are SO FREAKIN' CREATIVE!!! i love this and am going to see if i have anything even remotely suitable in terms of images so that i can CASE it!

    okay, this is getting a little too first car was a buick century! it wasn't as old as yours or as rusted, but it was my grandma's, which meant it wasn't in any way cool either.

    only 13 more cards to make before the deadline...i'm flowin' with mojo!

  7. Aaaah! You have to be kidding! I had a Chevy Malibu that did the same thing! I used to find a clean stick and stuff it in the butterfly valve so it would crank! Late one night on my college campus, three male students from another college nearby broke down in front of my dorm. I thought their car sounded like mine, so I offered assistance and they LAUGHED! Well, all but one of them. They were desperate, though, because apparently their dorm had lock down at a certain hour.

    I asked the laughers to get me a stick (which they thought was absolutely nuts) and the believer stood by me. I stuck the stick in the butterfly valve, told him to crank her and thankfully, it worked. I got lots of elated but astonished hugs! They were just glad their butts were saved from an irate R.A. having to let them in.

    Of course, my dad was horrified when I told him! "All alone out there late at night with three guys? Anything could have happened!" I was right in front of my dorm, though, and the moment of feminine pride was worth it to me!

    Love your blog! I am normally a silent lurker, and my little girls LOVE catching up on the kitties!

  8. I rear-ended a Pinto once, with my '65 Plymouth Valiant with a bobblehead dog in the back. Yep, it was my Grandma's car, and she put that dog in the back, and he stayed there until...I put him in my house on top of a bookshelf. Still there.

  9. WOW! Where the heck was PIMP MY RIDE then??? LOL


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