Sunday, November 30, 2008


Gotta say goodbye to Santa Fe today. :(

But I have some nice photos! Oh, and to answer a question - my camera (which I love so much) is a digital SLR, hence the great detail - it's a Canon Rebel XT. Man do I love it.

Today was sunny and gorgeous so I took lots of pics. That crazy deep blue returned to the sky with a bang and it snowed just a little last night.

The SF graffiti was fun - love the nerdy ninja.

Great dramatic clouds. And you can wrap my cathedral in plastic, but its soul still shines out on a sunny day, now doesn't it?

And hey - nothing says Happy Holidays like a ten foot tall gold grenade, eh?

One thing I just love about this adobe is the way shadows stick to it. The combination of the magical high altitude light and that particular surface is magic.

Oh - and remember when you used to make little shadow rabbits with your hands when you were little?

You still can you know. :)


  1. Beautiful pics, TFS love the shadow bunny. Have a great day. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  2. how much would it cost me to get an 8x10 of that first tree picture? oh my...that is fantabulous! i'm serious...i love trees at twilight and in shadow, and this one is amazing.

  3. Shadow bunny!!!!
    Third pic looks like a necklace on a lady.

  4. Amazing're making me covet your camera!
    That sky is unbelievable! I think Santa Fe just landed on my list of places I need to visit...thanks for sharing!


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