Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snowy Modern Art

It came to me in a dream.

Well it would have been a dream, because I would have been asleep, if there weren't two cats, that despite their SUPPOSED five pounds apiece, can actually, through a miracle of feline centripetal force, propel themselves into things with the gravity of Pamplona bulls. Some of these things include, but are not limited to:

Wood blinds
Other Cats
My sternum
Things with bells on them that I'm pretty sure they manufacture under the bed.

So the nap was not to be. Instead, I was picking them out of the slats of the rocking chair, pulling things out of their mouths and resisting the urge to duct tape them to something so I could have a moment of peace.

Now, of course, that the nap window has passed, Maddie is snoring away in the new carrier I bought and Splotchy is all draped over the chair chasing rabbits. Evil beasts.

But when I was TRYING to sleep, I came up with this mosaic sky and white winter landscape idea, and had plenty of time to make it during my forsaken nap time.

There's a website called Folding Trees that has some gorgeous paper sculptures on it and I used that for inspiration.

I hand cut the hillsides after making my mosaic sky out of Bashful Blue, Baja Breeze, Soft Sky and Brocade Blue with my paper snips.

Then I punched out my frosty deer and snowflakes with my Martha Stewart punches and they and the hills are mounted with dimensionals. The mosaic is just attached with SNAIL.

I think it's kind of frosty & fun. I thought about glitter but it was so clean and crisp I just left it.

Hope you're having a sassy Tuesday - Thanksgiving is almost here!


  1. this is WAY COOL!
    1) you're posting during the day, which either means you have the day off or you're so tech savvy!

    2) this card demonstrates that you are blessed with an amazing brain! how can i get one that'll create cards for me in my head?

    hope you're enjoying a day off or something akin to it, and that you have an excellent thanksgiving.

  2. VERY cool! I love everything about it!

  3. Okay, about the cats: it is true. they can and will and are capable of ANYTHING!!! I have 2 and they rule the house (known universe), so I can get the no nap rule!!!LOL!! Absolutely love the card. Reminds of Matiesse and his paper-cutting days. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. Oooh I LOVE the totally modern feel of this!
    You are brilliant!

  5. I agree...you ARE brilliant! This is just amazing!!!! However, I wouldn't have been able to restrain myself from glittering it up :) BUT it is just perfect the way you made it....now I'm collecting a list of Lydia cards that need to be cased...I just need to find some time to do it!!!!

  6. Lydia,

    This is awesome! You sure are getting creative with you MS punches these days. Love the mosaics. Looking forward to the next one!

  7. wow that is soooo cool I love it.

  8. OMIGOSH! Girl you rock! What an amazing card.

    Shawn K.


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