Monday, November 10, 2008

Red Clark on the Border, Part II

More of Red Clark's western adventures today..

Now for those of you out there who are cringing at me tearing pages out of a book, let me tell you - I understand.

I worked at the Rush Rhees Rare Books department for four years. We had an extensive Victoriana collection. We had John Updike manuscripts. We had *gasp* John Gardner's manuscripts. It was a great place, where we lovingly restored books page by page and carried them around wearing white gloves like they were baby birds.
I never let anyone fold down the corners of my books, and I have a hard time writing or putting a book plate in them.

But there are a lot of old books in the world, that if they weren't being sold for a quarter somewhere, would be in the trash. So I'm just reanimating Red Clark. See? You didn't even know who he was before. And you had never laid eyes on: "Don't argy! I'm goin' to hit 'em all of a sudden just like God A'Mighty throwed me at their heads!"

So on to part two.

If you are going to stamp on old Red directly, you are going to need to use a pigment based ink. Since the paper is deteriorating, it's very absorbent, and dye based ink just disappears.
So I stamped Upsy Daisy in Basic Black Craft. Then I heat set it, at which point clouds of old book dust rose up, and then I brayered River Rock all over it. The card base and ribbon are River Rock also.

Now some of you have asked if the kitties still help me blog. Yes, together at ten pounds, they are still draped over my arms in my office, sleeping and heating up my arms to supernova.

Tonight, it was just Maddie. :) It's hard to take a picture in this position - you have my actual view here looking down at her - so sorry for the extreme closeup. Didn't reallly bother her too much, as you can see.


  1. I LOVE, Love, love this idea of using old books. What a great card. You inspired me to use Upsy Daisy today. I'm like you...I don't like to write in or fold the pages of my books. I don't think I own any book this old, but I will be on the lookout for a $.25 copy to play with.


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