Monday, November 24, 2008


I very rarely watch live TV. I didn't have a TV for most of my life, and the vast majority of it is a brain sucking wasteland, most of it is mean spirited or trashy and TV generally degrades the world, so I opt out. I like Lost, The Office and - pardon me, but it's funny - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Sometimes I'll catch those live, but TiVo is my friend.

I "hear" most TV while I'm stamping in my studio, and only from my DVR. Martha Stewart, some FoodTV stuff I record and a handful of other DVR'd shows are running in the background getting marginal attention.

But today, I was passively absorbing an SNL re-run and there was one of those Chris Farley skits where he had a talk show where he would invite famous people on, like Mel Gibson, and say things like "Remember, Remember in Lethal Weapon when you...." and then he'd basically do that for every scene in the movie.

There was always something kind of sweet and sad about the Farley skits. Like he put a little bit of his own story in them. Sometimes to the point where you felt uncomfortable for him. But then he made you giggle uncontrollably and you got over it. Sorta.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to send someone a card where the only point of the card was to ask them to remember something fun you did together.

Like - remember when we snuck into the local abandoned house that was sooo scary and had the secret room with suitcases in it and that guy with a shotgun in his underwear chased us to your car, which didn't start?

Or - remember that time we wrapped that kid's house and everything was good until I shoepolished the doorbell?

Or - remember that time we had your birthday party in your car at the mall?

Any little story that would bring a smile would be a perfect use of this card. Feel free to borrow my stories. :)

The letters were cut from one of my Half Price - well, actually $1 - books called Street of Knives by Cyril Harris - with my GoGo Boots alphabet Sizzix die. Super dramatic cover on this one, trust me!

The elephant is punched with my new Martha Stewart elephant punch from Real Red cardstock. His little ear sticks up. The card base is Basic Black.



  1. Lydia,

    Awesome idea? I am going to do this. Cute Elephant! Darn, now there is another MS punch that I want. My poor wish list just keeps growing, and growing, etc.... You get the point.


  2. Cute little elephant!

    I love my little girl's "remember" moments with me, mostly because she will sometimes say "bremember" as her pronunciation. They almost always involve Sea World, too, which always makes me laugh.

    OK, time for me to think about how to blog the directions for brining a turkey. Yes, my thanksgiving menu will be going up tonight! Talk to you soon!

  3. LOL...yep, I'm totally with you on the tv thing...sometimes I'll go days without turning it on at all :) I don't understand the mean spirited nature and trashiness of reality tv, as in *why the heck would anyone watch it or even think it's remotely funny?* I like Bones, and Supernaturnal (maybe it's just the cute boys ...hehehehe) oh, and Criminal Minds....I think that list shows that I'm degenerate enough without watching reality tv too...LOL.
    The card is an awesome idea...I must remember to make some time to CASE that :)

  4. What a fun idea for a card! And I had to laugh when you mentioned It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - my hubby started Tivo'ing that show. Multiple times I've walked out into the livingroom and said "what on earth are you watching?" and every time, it's that show! :D

  5. This is so clever and creative, Lydia!! Awesome!!


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