Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ink Pads + Cat = Easy decorated guest Towels

This is a quick little ditty for Kristina's color challenge. I used the adorable set we got at regionals - Best Wishes and More.

I stamped the flowers in Elegant Eggplant, Pacific Point Blue, Taken With Teal, and Pumpkin Pie. (Sorry my colors are washed out in this photo - I hate the time change - there's not enough daylight for photography after work!) I punched the centers of the pumpkin ones and mounted them with dimensionals. I thought the white space really showed off these vivid colors.

The center panel is popped up too.

Great question on the tree Ink Pattie!! I want to try that!

Splotchy takes "Handmade" to a whole new level in this week's tutorial. She likes to teach frugal decorating tips in this uncertain economy. She is such a good jumper I didn't even know what was happening until it was over and she was sitting on my Riding Hood Red ink pad during the creation of my reindeer card. I ran into the bathroom with her and had her stand on a guest towel while I warmed up the foot bath of shame. When I was done I had to snap a pic her little paw art!! Only then did I understand her crafty and generous nature!

Maddie, who doesnt have a crafty bone in her body, just pouted while Splotchy hogged the spotlight.

It's almost Friday! :)


  1. Gorgeous card! Love the flowers!!!

  2. Lydia,

    Cute card, cheerful and relatively quick to make. Would be a great stamp a stack workshop card. I sure do wish that I had your eyes and hands with a camera. You always manage to capture those kitties in the most hilarious positions and facial expressions. I so look forward to seeing them on your blog.


  3. Nearly PIMPs looking at that cat!!rofl!!!!

  4. I don't think I've ever seen Maddie looking quite so non-plussed. Too incredibly cute!

    And how nice of Splotchy to bring a little splash of color to the guest towels. Very considerate!

    Love the card...great job with that set. Talk to you soon!

  5. You have the coolest blog EVER - unequivocally. I love your crafts and your kitties. Cats-n-crafts... what a lovely combination! :) Thanks for always briging a smile when I log in!

    ~Very fondly,

  6. PS - I am also comletely incapable of going to the grocery store without hearing your commentary in the background! AWESOME!


  7. Pretty card! You did great with the colors!

  8. Love the kittens...and Splotchy is getting so creative! How cute!

  9. Cute card, Lydia!! ..and I love your bored kitteh ;)

    Well, concerning that GORGEOUS man on my blog (don't tell my dear boyfriend I said that, right?), he is a representative for Quickutz, visiting Sweden in a week... Hehe, I do wonder why HE got the job?? Because he's such a quickutz enthusiast? Yeah right! *LOL*

    Take care, you sweet girl!

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