Friday, November 21, 2008


Really? You actually think that despite the fact that I have my Christmas card design conceived and ready for prep earlier than I have in like 18 years that I'm actually going to SHOW it to you?

You present shakers!!!!Animation from

I SO am not going to show it to you!! Many of you will be receiving this card so I'm sure as heck not gonna spoil the surprise!!!

However, a peek isn't gonna hurt anybody right??

Let's go ahead and get a few Captain Obvious things out of the way..

Yeah, Blue.


Sparkly stuff.


Come on, you've MET me, right?

Now today I had the most GINORMOUS creative breakthrough which totally 4011% improved my prototype, so the peekies u see here are totally beta, man.


Don't underestimate the process of prototyping a card design. If you could see the litter of discarded pieces of this card in my studio right now you'd either lose all respect for me or be so blissfully happy that you are not the only one who tries 30 times before they get it right. It's all part of the art we love - embrace the failures!!

(This gave me an idea - why doesn't someone start a stamping maid service? People who come just restore your stamp room after a card??? No toilets, tubs or floors - just clean up the scraps, put the ink pads and markers away and make it ready for me to start over? I'd give someone like a billion dollars to come do that right now!!!)

Now, on the Christmas topic,I know that some of you, my beloved readers, are in places with a winter, but yours truly is in the great Republic of Texas. We don't really "do" winter.

However, today, the mercury dipped a bit. Quite a bit. It was colder than a well digger's... well, you know.

But I have a disorder. You know that SNL skit where that guy has Voice Immodulation Disorder and can't control the pitch or volume of his voice?

Well I can't cover my hands or my feet. I feel extremely claustrophobic with gloves or socks or regular shoes on.

I attribute this and all other quirks to my near drowning when I was a baby. Sometimes I attribute it to growing up in a seriously Africa hot town. Sometimes I attribute it to the fact that I had to wear gloves when I moved from Buffalo to Africa Hot, Texas, population 35,000 at age 3 because I used to pass out in the heat, like a little Yankee does after that sort of a transplant. I had to wear a hat too.

Sometimes, I don't attribute it to anything. Sometimes I'm just happy to wiggle my fingers and toes, even if they're cold.

Hope you are happily wigglin' your fingers and toes tonight.

Happy Friday.


  1. never told me you lived in Buffalo! I thought you lived in Rochester..and went to U of R..or RIT??? You know I lived in Buffalo for 18 yrs.! Didn't I tell you that...?? Anyway, have a great Friday/Saturday/Sunday...or weekend for short! :)

  2. You always crack me up Lydia!! I love your sense of humor...and your peeks are looking real good!! Have a fun weekend!!

  3. I will forgive the fact that you were a Yankee only because you were too young to do anything about it at the time. Like I always say, "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!".

    Have a great weekend girl...thanks for the laugh. Yes, it is 3:00 a.m.

  4. You know my toes are black and white striped fuzzy wuzzy snuggly soffties!
    You would appreciate the feel of them Lydia, but would steam up just seeing them on me.
    Your sneek peek is intriguing!
    Love what you did with your punches too!

  5. LOL! I laughed out loud reading this post! I have piles of prototypes in here. And a stamping maid service!!! Heck, no one would even come IN here to begin the process! I think I'd scare them away during the interview!

    Thanks for the chuckles!


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