Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Techno Blackout Day 2, Cold, Hungry for Data...

It's cold here with no internet. I think the other non-internet enabled prisoners on Planet Techno Blackout are eyeing me for food. Everything is grey. No LOLcats. I hope help comes soon.

The faceless monopoly is supposed to come tomorrow.

1) I doubt they will come in "the window". (What they call a window, most people call a month, with a margin of error of two weeks. Idiots.
2) They will not fix it. They will tell me it's my computer, which it is not.
3) The fantasies I have of what should happen to the giant telecom, sadly, will probably not come true. Instead, I will be sent, once again, to a phone bank in a foreign country where they will bark scripted nonsense at me and express fake concern over my inconvenience, the magnitude of which they cannot POSSIBLY understand.

So a quick lunchtime post. Two views so you can really see the star.

This is another gift card holder, with yet another 3D embellishment. Take your large star punch, and fold three punched stars in half (carefully - the point is tricky). Adhere the folded sides together into a 3D star! (The paper is from the hostess prints pack) 3 is arbitrary - more stars would add more layers and even be cuter!

Add an item from "Crazy for Cupcakes" and voila - cute birthday gift card holder!!!

And you can download the scallop envelope box instructions here from this nice lady.

And I apologize for being so behind on my email!! It's tough with no computer...

Have a great day!

I miss you, Internet!!

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