Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fill in the Blank...

I will let you. But stay with me for a minute first.

I need to share a few of the reasons I love Santa Fe. And trust me, this is just a few..

I love Santa Fe

Because these are windows.

And these are doors.

And these are gates.

And these are trees.

And this is graffiti.

And that's just the first thirty minutes I've been here!

On the way here I read some incredible magazines.

The first was Artful Blogging, which absolutely stopped my heart. I had just had the coolest conversation about blogging, sparked by this month's Atlantic feature on it, and I picked this up at the same time I grabbed the Atlantic to find out if women and blogging should rule the world. (Yes, of course I already know the answer).

Not only is Artful Blogging a beautiful and inspiring magazine (man, do I have a lot of work to do on my blog!) but it shares my deep deep philosophy about what blogging is and should be - positive, beautiful, peaceful, mannerly. A force for good on the internet. You need to go buy this if you have a blog and see what I mean. It will awe you, I promise. I guess I need a subscription. *sigh*.

In addition to that, I read "Where Women Create" and "Hand Crafted" and a bunch of other beautiful magazines. Man. I might need a second job!

Wanna share? If you want me to send you a copy of the crazy luxurious and extravagant Stampington publication - "Hand Crafted" you need to just be the first person to fill in the blanks with what I am thinking. (I bought an extra because I'm senile. :))

I need you to just give me the two words that complete this sentence in my head.

"Santa Fe is a place that truly _____________ ___________".


Back tomorrow with some Thanksgiving stuff. And the day after with the Understand Blue Official Christmas kickoff.

Oh, and some very exciting news.

And maybe a tail of two kitties.. heh heh.


  1. Wow! I cna't believe I'm the first to post. My guess is UNDERSTAND BLUE.

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Santa Fe and you have a great Thanksgiving.

    I enjoy your blog to much, not just for the stamped art, but your kitties and your whole attitude.

    I just got my copy of Where Women Create in the mail today and I wil be reading it tommorrow in the car.

    Thanks for always making me smile!

  2. Opps, I meant UNDERSTANDS with an s.

  3. Not first, but I was going with "understands blue" as well!

    Hope you continue to have a great time out there, girl. Bring home a bunch of peace and tranquility to pass around to the rest of us. See you soon!

  4. I guess you would say in your head Santa Fe INSPIRES ME......Have a Happy Thanksgiving, are you cooking a turkey?? Hugs n' stuff, Lynne

  5. that anywhere near Roswell??? :) You know what I mean....have a great holiday weekend!


  6. LOL...I would definitely have said understands blue :) Pity I didn't get here first!
    Have a lovely weekend ♥

  7. i'm still so surprised that you don't live there, as it seems to be your soulmate, in terms of a town.

    Santa Fe truly UNDERSTANDS BLUE, but i also like the answer IS FIREBORN.

    have a great time! i survived the morning at starbucks. what would the coffeeholics of the country do if we weren't open today?

    thankful for you, friend!


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